"I told you we should have ran him over!"

"Where's cat?"

"Hey! I can do that flashing thing!" ~ Tom discovering his trenchcoat in the backseat

"I get easily amused." ~ Pikmin

"Can't photograph. Eating."

"I'm not your fucking mommy!"

"Wait for it..."
"Build up."
"Close up."
"No it's going to be an extreme close up."
"See. Told you so."

"LJ WTF / STFU icon here."
"It's more of a 'go away' caption."

"Did you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?"
"I'm not Irish."

"Nando won?"
"Oh, that's us!"

"You do know what STFU means. Family con."

"Victoria is so relaxed."

"I'm stealing his sword!"

"You do know where that banana has been."
"In my pocket."

"And she has a pope hat..."

"Don't hold the hammer that way."
"It just looks wrong."

"The poinker!"

"I honestly don't know how I look like."

"Hey Sana! You're mom is here!"

"Tidus in suit dressphere!"

"Meg Ryan cosplayer!"

"If you're not having fun, I'll molest you."

"It's White Rose Oni!"
"No, it's White Rose Assassin."

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