We're All Mad Here: A Cosplay Tea Party at Quickly Cafe took place on July 21 in Arcadia at the Quickly Cafe. It seemed like an unusual place to hold a cosplay gathering. The original date was supposed to take place a month earlier in Fountain Valley, but it conflicted with AM2. The location and date changed. Most people found out about the small one day get together on Facebook. The day was set to have games, panels, and even plenty of food to go around. I ended up dressing up in my Angelic Pretty replica of Melty Chocolate. Jared debuted his DJ Pon3 (or DJ Vinyl Scratch).

We got to the Arcadia Quickly Cafe a little passed noon. We were not sure if this was the place since the Quickly Cafe was in a small Asian strip mall. However, the cafe was connected to a bar where most of the gathering took place. People brought in tons of food - as this was a potluck. People also brought various console games - mostly of the fighting variety. It was very fun to people watch. The AC was pumped pretty high since it was a whooping 90 degrees outside.

I checked out what else was at the Quickly Cafe. They had a variety of bubble tea drinks. While the flavors were not exotic or unusual as Mighty Boba, the menu was quite simple. I ordered a green apple green tea and a honey black tea for myself and Jared. Jared found the green tea to be very good - sweet and relaxing and mostly sweet. Because of the hot weather, I really enjoyed the iced honey black tea and could have gone for another round.

There were also panels at this event. The first panel was the Cosplay Basics 101 panel with the Anime Expo masquerade winners, Rokken Island Meta Force. It was a nice round table discussion on how to start making your own costumes. I also added my two cents on finding and editing patterns as well as emphasizing to take advantage of sales at JoAnn's and various online wig sources. The other panel that took place was a K-pop panel hosted by Infotakus. It was mostly an intro to K-pop and talking about various Korean boybands.

For the most part, the Quickly Cafe was a hangout event. There were a handful of photographers who showed up to take photoshoots, but it was too cramped to do photoshoots inside and too hot to do photoshoots outside. It was also a nice place to just hang out and meet new friends too. I would not dismiss this as a gathering of weebs. There were good people at this event, it was just a shame we had to take off early (some plans had changed in our schedule).

Many thanks goes to Partners in Crime Photography for hosting this event. We hope you guys continue to host more. I found this to be a very positive environment for both old time cosplayers (like myself) and new cosplayers to just have a weekend where we can hang out without too many things to do at a convention.

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