And we were back! Los Angeles Dolpa was a Volks dollfie weekend event. I wouldn't label it a convention, but it was more of a thank you celebration for its customers. The cost per person was $60. Yet, that also included an all you can eat dinner party and tons of fun things. I decided to take Tom to this event. In the beginning, I wasn't sure if I should take him since he's not really into Asian Ball Jointed Dolls (or dollfies for short or Village of the Damned children as he calls them), but he ended up having a great time.

Dolpa was held at the lower level of the LAX Hilton on Thanksgiving weekend. First, we took Cosette (MSD Mika) to the doll doctor to have her restrung. What do you know? She poses better already! They also offered other services like sueding, installing eye lashes and eyes, and other fixer uppers. We ran into Katie and Nando. Katie was getting a FCS (Full Choice System, it's where you can totally customize what kind of doll you want - you pick everything out!) done. She wanted Nando's input. Tom and I were teasing around with him that he's getting another little girl!

Though most of the Volks events were held downstairs, some people had impromptu doll gatherings in the upper lobby.

It was about 4PMish. Volks was holding their dinner party. The One-Offs were displayed. Many Volks fans were eyeing what they wanted. I was more intersted in getting food.

Volks had a customizing contest. The theme was Hollywood Movies. It's only because Dolpa was taking place in Los Angeles, the place where stars are born!

Once people were settled in, the Welcoming / Naming Ceremony started. Three lucky doll owners had a chance to be united with their doll in eternity. The Welcoming Ceremony can be compared to a Christian Baptism. Once the doll is "welcomed," it gets a new birthday. Oh and "Tonight, I Celebrate My Love For You" is played in the background. I don't know...something about a line like when I make love to you during a dollfie baptism sounds wrong! Yet, if you do the ceremony in Japan, you get to select the music.

Tom was joking around that should he ever get a dollfie, he would name it Ironhide just so he can get a kick out of it during the Welcoming Ceremony. I suppose if that ever happens, this song would be in the background. Speaking of which, we sat in the "Girls Who Dragged Their Boyfriends to Dolpa" table. When Katie and Lizzie got up to visit the ladies room, their significant others (and Tom) nearly set the place on fire while trying to melt sugar into caramel.

Then it was the rather ravenous lottery. Tom were number 99 and 100. You can feel the tension in the air. Who will come home with a Sei Tenshi tonight? I was happy if I got a pattern book. I did win something. I won a set of SD13 boys clothes. Not that I have a SD 13 boy, but I'll most likely sell it. There were many Sei Tenshis and Rei Tenshis that were given a nice, cozy home that evening. Winners of the customization contest also went home with a Sei Tenshi.

Yet, everyone is a winner. At the end of the dinner party, Volks' staff gave away doll jewelry and glasses to everyone present. I got jewelry. Tom got a new pair of glasses for Sherry.

The next day, it was Dealers Room day. That's right, Dolpa didn't have a separate Dealers Room like at anime conventions. Sunday was the day to get your credit cards out and start shopping! Tom brought his MSD/Yo-SD sized armory hoping to sell his guns, but given a lack of a table and a lack of a seller's permit, this became a market research experience for him. There is a demand for weapons, but primarily SD sized (given this was an SD type event) and there seemed to already be an arms dealer catering for the SD. There was a long line for the Volks vendor's area in the morning. Since I wasn't really jonesing for any exclusive Volks items, I went into the regular vendor's alley instead. I picked up a cheongsam and a corset dress for Sherry / Scarlett. It was funny because I thought I would have spent more at Dolpa, but turns out that I didn't.

Tom's Dolpa gallery can be seen here.

Later in the day, Volks was offering make up tutorial classes. Tom and I were ready to head on out. We took Nando to Fry's for a bit, then we went back home. Yet, when Tom arrived in San Jose, he discovered he didn't come back to San Jose alone.

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