The Boston Cosplay Masquerade Ball was held on March 16, 2013 at Lesley University, just minutes away from Harvard University in Cambridge. The event drew cosplayers from Boston proper to check out this event. Many of the cosplayers carpooled to check out this masquerade ball. I ended up taking the T to Harvard Square. I first heard about the event through word of mouth; I was not sure if I was feeling up for it. However, I was able to closet cosplay Rei Hino in the casino dealer variation of the Sailor Senshi.

Lesley University is comprised of several different campuses around Cambridge. The event was held in Alumni Hall and there were about 120 people or so. This was a pretty amazing turn out for a fan run event. Everyone was dressed to the nines. Masks were very much encouraged. There was a $20 admission fee that went towards renting the hall and the free cheese pizza from Dominos.

I was not quite sure what to expect from the masquerade ball. Of course, any event that involves spending time with friends is always a plus. This felt more like a fancy social affair than it was a ballroom dance. Even with the dancing, it was almost a mix of an otaku wedding reception and a prom. Not that it’s a bad thing; it’s always nice to unwind and just not take yourself seriously in cosplay for a change.

There were a few memorable tunes and dances that everyone could enjoy. We had “Cha Cha Slide,” “The Macarena,” “Thriller,” “Cotton Eye Joe,” “Love and Joy,” “Carameldansen,” “Gangnam Style,” and the oh so hackneyed “Harlem Shake.” I enjoyed the fact that everyone was doing their thing on the dance floor. There was one slow song played towards the end. Everyone grabbed partners and swayed until the final notes.

The masquerade ball included games that people could partake in and win prizes. There was a dating game, mock Pokemon battle, and cosplay court. It seems that cosplay games are really big in New England. Usually, whenever we have a Pokemon mock battle at Anime Expo, it occurs during the Pokemon cosplay meet up, nothing official, just something we do. However, people felt the games were too distracting from dancing and it was often times difficult to hear what was going on in the dating game.

However, I did enjoy seeing the cosplay contest. There were three different categories – best costume, best prop / mask, and funniest. I always enjoy the cosplay contest portion of masquerade balls because you really get to see everyone’s creativity. I liked that almost everyone had masks and a formal variation of their character.

I mainly enjoyed this event because I always need an excuse to go out dancing and wearing a suit of some sort. The highlight of this event for me was moonwalking across the sypher circle. If this event happens again, I really hope it will be closer to Boston proper. I could have done without the pizza – a snack tray and a cheese and vegetables platter would have been just as fine. Another suggestion I would have would be a bake off contest - cosplayers can make dishes and we can let the audience judge who brought the best baked goods. It's cost effective and delicious.

Thanks to the organizers and volunteers of this event. Thanks to the many photographers who took photos. It was really cool finding photos of me as Rei Hino after the event. The people at this event were really chill and really cool to talk to. No airs of elitism or too-cool-for-school, I really felt this event reminded me of why we cosplay – we’re all nerds that just want to have a good time, and damn we look good.

Event Photos of Boston Cosplay Masquerade Ball

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