This would be my third time attending Fanime Con. In these three visits to the bay area anime convention, I realized that my partner and I have created traditions which we keep on doing each time we are there:

+ Stumbling into the hentai room. Right..."stumbling"...

+ Cosplaying as Nadeshiko and Touya from Card Captor Sakura.

+ During the annoucement of the AMV winners at masquerade, Tom and / or I so happen to be cosplaying from a series that is featured in the AMV contest. Example: 2003 - Tom as Lupin III (green). Iron AMV Winner - Castle of Cagliostro (sic?). 2004 - Tom as Walter. Myself as Integral. Both from Hellsing. AMV Winners - Get Up and Die (Hellsing), Wizard of Oz (Hellsing). 2005 - Tom as Kimura-sensei. Myself as Sakaki / Osaka. Both from Azumanga Daioh. AMV Winner - Lord of the Yen (Azumanga Daioh).

+ I have to wear a cheongsam at some point during the night.

+ I have to wear some sort of cutesy ears at some point. (2003 / 2004 - Chii ears, 2005 - cat ears courtesy of Distorted Visions)

+ Drunken madness!

+ Yaoi with Kenny at one point or another.

Will I be at Fanime next year? Who knows. If Fanime falls on graduation weekend (I will be graduating from college May 2006), it may be sacrificed. However, because I go to a really big university, they do not bother calling out everyone's name. It all depends what my parents want to do for graduation. If I had it my way, I would just attend the Broadcasting year end celebrations. Who knows what the future may bring.

Despite complaints that Fanime had zilch to do, I firmly believe a con is what you make of it. I do not normally go to video screenings, but one of the aspects of Fanime that I like is the fan dub parody showings like Nescaflowne and Evangelion Redeath.

Fanime does have nice eateries around, if you do not mind walking a few blocks. Though it would have been helpful if Fanime had a restaurant guide in their program. Some of us were wondering where Jack in the Box was located.

I would like to thank Fanime staff and volunteers for making this Fanime a wonderful convention. This is Traveling Valentine's second stint as press and we hope so to do more press coverage in the future. We truly enjoyed another year's Fanime and look forward to the next Fanime. (I will be crossing my fingers that I will be able to attend next year)

Special thanks goes to IPlay and Andy for helping Traveling Valentine out with a place to stay for the con.

Most of all thank you to my friends for creating splendid memories and posing for cosplay photos. People like you make these convention ancedotes possible. See you at Anime Expo or sometime in the bay area!

And here's the final video!


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