"One gathering down, plenty more to go." ~ Albert

"What the hell is going on?" ~ Tom on Friday night

"The enviromentalists are evil!"

"This is the new Scooby Doo? Whatever happened to chasing ghosts and solving mysteries?"

"HELLO!" ~ Tom as D. P. Gumby

"My brain hurts!" ~ Tom as D. P. Gumby

"But that is not in the One Piece opening!" "Of course, because you only seen the dub."

"Float on!"

"Go Ninja, Go Ninja GO!"

"I want to be a ninja, NYO!"

"Naruto is officially the most overdone cosplay beating out Ranma and Sailor Moon." ~ Brian Doan as Dieter



"And in 1979, there is historically inaccurate anime about your life."

"Everyone hates Sakura." ~ a Naruto skit

"Fresh Prince of Tennis."

"Vampire Hunter Initial D."

"We've secretly switched the usual hentai with yaoi tonight. Let's see if they notice the difference."

"I see people in line and they look so happy to be here!"

"Maria, that is the hentai and yaoi line."

"Hey Tom! We're married!" ~ Rob P

"May the force be with you."

"May the schwarz be with you."

"Michael, do you hate Sakura?" *nod* ~ Tom to his younger sibling after Fanime.

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