And Happy Memorial Day to you! Fanime ended on a Monday. The last day of the con typically means last chance to take advantage of the dealer's room (in addition to partings and bye bye's). For the record, this is what I purchased:

+ Genshiken manga vol. 1
+ Fruits Basket manga vol. 9
+ Rose of Versailles Lady Oscar statue
+ Hyoutei school patch
+ Fujiko Mine pencil holder
+ Shigure plushie

friends from Funimation

On Monday, Tom and I wore our Geobreeders costumes. Tom dressed up as Yoichi Taba and I dressed up as Maki. We said our bye bye's to our SoCal friends. See you at Anime Expo! Feeling somewhat out of it, I decided to grab a Mint Mocha from the Starbucks. The con was really winding down.

Princess TutuPrincess Tutu cosplayRob reveals to Tom that they just got marriedYoichi Taba from Geobreeders

Then we returned to the convention area to find Karisu-sama and family. They were also fresh from Bay Con. For the most part, Tom and I just chilled by the Queen of Caps' table. There was a small dollfie gathering. (Seeing those dolls makes me want to have one...but once I get a job that pays...stupid economy). Astro and I talked about what would be a good doll to get at an affordable price. She reccomends Angel Region and Soul Doll.

Chris as Touga

Moo and a dollfieRichard fully endorses the Queen of Caps

okay, I always see this guy at every major con I go to!

Now it's time to say goodbye to all our company

It was about 5PM. Even though the last day of the con always feels like a dead day, we really enjoyed ourselves with our friends (and their dolls!). Fanime 2005 was at an end. Tom and I went to the convention center parking lot and went to a friend's house for a nice home cooked meal. Sure beats having Johnny Rockets everyday for lunch!

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