Masquerade for us started in the press room. We met fellow press folks while waiting to go into the hall that would host masquerade. Press marched across the street to where our seats would be and we patiently waited for the show to get started. Luckily, the performance hall had a concession stand which sold hot dogs and nachos. Though a bit pricey for fast food, we were at least able to eat in the performance hall. That was our dinner.

Rob is STILL getting his groove on!

Masquerade started as soon as the audience was seated. "Masquerade" from Phantom of the Opera started playing. By then, we knew the show would get on the road. Our emcee for the evening was Sprocket's Dieter (aka Brian Doan) with special appearances by the Duck Hunt guy (aka Eugene) and Willy Wonka. Something interesting with this masquerade was transitions from skit to skit. Apparantly, some fans made parody PSAs a la Bud Lite Hometown Heros radio spots. Instead our "heros" were the Mr. Otaku Fanboys and Poccari Sweat.

Masquerade was a masquer-musical. Acts such as Cosplay Onee-san (Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitch), TeniMyUSA (Prince of Tennis), and Sakura Mochi & Gomu Gomu no Cosplay (One Piece) sang (lip synced) and danced to their respective series. Other acts included HCC to the Takurazuka rendition of Rose of Versailles done a la French History for Dummies. There were quite a few Final Fantasy skits which included The Real World, Yuna preparing Thanksgiving dinner, and karaoke to "1000 Words." Naruto also was a popular anime for masquerade. Such skits included a rehearsal for yet another opening theme and Dejiko gets ninja-ized.

Sugar Hy in Dynasty Warriors costume other Sugar Hy membersBleach group Final Fantasy Shiney Things Gravitation group

King from King of FightersScryed cosplayersNaruto Opening Theme Rehearsal groupFreya as a pirate. Argh!Patrick from the Bishie Idol groupwaiting outside the women's bathroom

Cracked PoT Addicts

During Masquerade halftime, we were enticed by the music of Kumiko Kato and USA Musume. The awards came right after. Who won?

HCC Cosplay - click for larger pictureTechnical Achievement. HCC Cosplay. These cosplay veterans did Rose of Versailles Takurazuka style with aid of narration for the French history impaired. It appears that even being of high nobility, one cannot escape fate.


click for larger

Technical Achievement. Cuddle Fish based on a snack product in Japan. This creature started off as a simple walk on, but then started prancing around to the Sponge Bob Squarepants theme.


click for larger imageJudge's Award. *NSNK. Characters from King of Fighters strut their stuff to a dance routine. The fangirls go wild.



Judge's Award. Gainax Boy. Direct from SoCal, the ultimate Gainax fanboy does some improv a la Andy Kauffman.



click for larger imageJudge's Award. Rennaisance Faire Pikachu. This was a simple walk on accompanied by several "Pika!"s. This original concept also won at Costume Con this year as well.


Judge's Award. Scryed. The main couple from Scryed showed off a simple ballroom dance routine.



TeniMyUSAJudge's Award. TeniMyUSA. While most of the performance skits had cutesy altos and soptranos, this had an all baritone chorus. The Seigaku boys introduce the title character, Ryoma Echizen to this routine. HE IS THE PRINCE OF TENNIS!


Judge's Award. Sugar Hy. These cosplay youngsters did a skit to Dynasty Warriors.



Judge's Award. Naruto. Characters from Naruto rehearse for the next opening sequence in this dance number.



Best in Show. Sakura Mochi & Gomu Gomu No Cosplay. These two cosplay groups joined forces to do an impressive song and dance routine to One Piece music.



your host, Brian Doanall participants of masqueradeBart and Brian get physical

Congrats to everyone who participated in the masquerade! It really was a good show!

After masquerade came the winners for the AMV contest. Our personal favorite was Lord of the Yen. It was basically all three Lord of the Rings trailers to Azumanga Daioh. Check it out on

Shredder, also a masquerade entrantCongrats One Piece winners!

We attended a press conferance at 11:30 for Kumiko Kato. It appears that she will make her American debut this August. She enjoys Sex and the City and picks up bits of English from that show. Most of all, she is delighted to be attending Fanime. Not only Fanime attendees love her singing, but they also dig her shoes.

After the Kumiko Kato conference, Tom and I got changed into our axe gang costumes (Kung Fu Hustle) and ran amuck!

Not even OniMusha could match the Axe Gang

Seigaku versus the Axe Gang Gladys does Dance Mania Axe Gang dance Axe Gang

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