And so we changed into our Lupin III costumes. Tom debuted his Dead or Alive Lupin III costume. I wore my pink Fujiko costume. We wandered around the dealer's room looking for swag to buy on Monday (discounts!). I found a Fujiko pen holder and Tom found several Lupin III items at Anime Pavillion. Of course, we went to our friends at Funimation to show off Tom's Dead or Alive Lupin III.

breakdancing to get free swag

We ran into Jarod, Robert, and others outside the convention center. A few of them went to Bay Con earlier in the day. Bay Con is another fandom convention happening the same weekend in the same city as Fanime. They said it turned out pretty good.

Matt as a state alchemistO Ren and Company from Kill BillRaider3 as Porco Rosso

Wolfwood from TrigunRyoga from Ranma 1/2Selfie from FF7My pocky is bigger than yours!

Prince from Katamari DamancyVashes from Trigun

It was near dusk and I was getting pretty hungry. We joined our Prince of Tennis Seigaku friends for some burgers at Johnny Rockets. For the most part, Tom and I were at the older sibling table (consisting of Traveling Valentine, Freya, and Robert). We talked about the joys of younger siblings. Also what was funny was that the TeniMyUSA group that was with us was not the only mega Prince of Tennis group at Johnny Rockets. Gomu Gomu no Cosplay decided to have their Prince of Tennis dinner there as well. Johnny Rockets was taken over by TeniPuri!

Prince of Tennis MADNESS!Seigaku-nessSeigaku kidsand the older sibsGomu Gomu no Cosplay

We decided to check out bits of Gaku Fest (aka the concert). We arrived as soon as Kumiko Kato went up on stage. Kumiko did a few songs including "Thinking of You" which will be her US debut single which will come out in August. After sticking around for a bit, we took some Lupin III pictures in the performance hall.

Later that night was the karaoke contest. I was supposed to enter this year, but things don't work out as planned. Some highlights included a rather intoxicated Rob P, a genki Diana and Jessica, Gravitation goodness with Otaku in Crime.

what not to do at Fanime karaoke Rob P takes the stage Ready Steady GO! Otaku in Crime doing Gravitation Diane and Jessica going the Shinohara Tomoe route

Some j-urban in the house Tentacle monster? breakin' at the dance duelin' at the dance Chris does his Gundam thing

After karaoke, we went around to look for some company. So, we went to our friend's Prince of Tennis party. My, was that insane!

Jimbo staffing the game room during after hoursShanks from One Piece Late night EGLs

Victoria is sleepy!Tom and Kenny playing Vampire NightTom as Roy from FMA

We ran into our friend Kenny. Most of the time, the boys played Vampire Night. I did some wandering around back to the karaoke place. Looks like they annouced the winners. Rob was entirely passed out at the karaoke room. Kenny and Tom were still hooked on the game. At the end of that, both of us felt really tired and decided to call it a night. Funny how life is. Once we returned to our hotel room, we tuned into Cartoon Network and Lupin III was on! How appropriate...

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