Satruday morning marked the debut of my EGL (Elegant and Gothic Lolita) cosplay. I have been meaning to do an EGL for about three years, but now it is done. (Thank you to Fan Plus Fiend on ebay and Claudine for the head dress) Tom would be debuting his D. P. Gumby cosplay. Who you ask? If you have to ask, then you're too young to remember Monty Python's Flying Circus.

We ran into our friend Kenny who gave Tom an official inflatable axe from Kung Fu Hustle. For the most part of Saturday morning, Tom and I just took pictures of cosplayers at the masquerade meeting.

Gumby discovers his fortune Yu Ri Pa Yana as Kotori Full Metal Alchemist

M Bison Osaka from AzuDai Raider3 as Dieter

So that's why his brain hurts!Pegasus Maiden in her usual EGL

Iplay in Tsubassa Chronicles cosplay

For lunch, we went over to Johnny Rockets with Raider3. Food was nicely priced. I just had to order a plate of chili cheese fries. Afterwards, we did a photoshoot in the park. We reached the convention center in time for a few gatherings such as the One Piece gathering, Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitch, and what was left of the EGL gathering.

Metal Gear SolidKaren as Princess Sakura

AzuDai CafeMore Mermaid-nessOne PieceMisato from EvangelionLedgend of ZeldaFreya as a Tree Fairy

Once we were done with that, we met up with Andy. Andy would have our hotel room for the rest of the weekend. So, we vamoosed out of the IPlay Hilton room and moved to the Marriot.

Music at the con!

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