Like most California State University students, spring semester finals were held at the end of May. Both members of Traveling Valentine had such to complete. On top of which, I was moving out of my dorm. Did I mention I was wearing angel wings in the process? Later that day, Tom and I went to see Revenge of the Sith. Definately better than the first two of the prequel trilogy.

The next morning was Friday - day one of Fanime. We managed to park in the Marriot lot. It was already noon. A noon Fruits Basket gathering was scheduled in front of the convention center. Tom and I, dressed as Yuki and Tohru, quickly dashed to the gathering. We made it in time before it was over. Following the Friday Fruits, was the Friday PoT-heads (Prince of Tennis / TeniPuri). Madness ensused. The con was officialy on.

Fruits Basket Gathering Winter Yuki and Summer Yuki Summer Tohru Kyo-kun Kyou versus Yuki Momiji

another summer Tohru Tohru and Yuki Yuki and Tohru Sergio and a Grunty The Queen of Caps can make you anime-esque fleece hats

Sasu of Pen Pals sells cute Sanrio trinkets Prince of Tennis (TeniPuri) Albert as Inui Prince of Tennis: The Musical! (Dream Live)

Prince of Tennis and DEATH! Yuki decides to join the TeniPuri gathering Juri from Utena spin that wheel!

We stopped by the dealer's room for a bit. Gaia Online had a spin the wheel game in which you could get a special item. I got the Banni Mask and Tom got the Reindeer Mask. Our friend Rob P of AOD suggested to park at the convention center being that it was $10 per day.

Tom and I picked up our badges at the press room. Followed by they, we went to Steve Bennett's drawing panel. Though it was a drawing class, Steve did have some interesting stories to share when he was working as an animator in Japan. After the drawing workshop, came the press conference involving the guests of honor (Steve Benett, Giles Poitras, Maria Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Yamaga, and Johnathan Osborne). With the exception of Maria Yamamoto, none of these guests were really into anime from the get go. They were just brought into it.

Fanime Guests of HonorJenny as DejikoRikkaidai

Liz as Tezuka

After the panel was dinner time to the Old Spaghetti Factory. It was a bit of a walk from the convention center, but it was worth it. Bread, soup, spaghetti, and ice cream for a little under ten dollars was pretty good. Though we were still in Fruits Basket cosplay, our waiter complimented our costumes. Though it was interesting just wearing Fruits Basket for the entire day since our usual routine is two or three costumes per day.

We got back to the convention center. Not much was really happening. We met up with our hotel mates, the IPlay gals and got our things settled into our room for the night. Tom went into his usual attire (semi formal wear plus gun) and I just went as a generic catgirl. We walked around the convention area, but found really nothing that was going on. We just walked around with our friends from press and tried to go on crazy adventures including find the Steve Benett, the search for more towels, and the mystery behind dodgeball.

Hellsing Fun!Robert as NeoHot Yaoi Action - with Kenny!

Neo with a lightsabreJinyo as Puss 'n Boots

We went back to the hotel room and just dozed off to Wild Wild West.

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