CosWalk took place on November 10, 2012 at the Boston Common. The Boston Common is a huge park in the center of downtown. There are plenty of places to dine and to entertain in the area. There’s even a fabric store right off the train stop. This is Scarlet Rhapsody: Eastern Tour’s first sanctioned public cosplay gathering. Like any gathering, the event was free. We would out about this event through the Cosplay Shenanigans facebook group . The Shenanigans crew was hosting the Coswalk.

Coswalk is inspired by zombie walks, in which people dress up like zombies in a public area and parade around. Coswalk was reminiscent of Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco and Nisei Week in Los Angeles...sans the Japanese festival. The younger cosplayers were gallivanting in the park. Groups of different fandoms were represented – Noobin00dle, Boston Whovians, among others. Even characters had signs that represented individual fandoms. The weather was pretty nice for the event. Though it was a little under 50 degrees, we still had a very nice autumn background perfect for school themed photoshoots.

The Boston Common is a very touristy area. We certainly got a ton of interesting stares from park patrons and tourists. However, Emerson College’s Quidditch team was playing not too far from our cosplay box social.

After the walk, we conglomerated by the gazebo to have a cosplay contest. There were several different categories – Most Energetic, Best Prop, Best Homemade Cosplay, Best Sign, Most in Character, etc. It was nice to see everyone get really into their character and to see everyone cheer everyone on. Prizes were given to the best in each category. Following the cosplay contest, we also had a raffle drawing.

Overall, it was really nice meeting cosplayers in the area. As a former Los Angeles area cosplayer, it was interesting to see how New England cosplayers interact and make their own fun. I learned about another convention in the area, Arisia, just by talking to one of the photographers. People were generally nice and easy to talk to. I just wish my single shots of my Disappearance Haruhi turned out better!

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