ComiKaze 2012 took place on September 15-16, 2012 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in “beautiful” downtown LA. This was the second year for this comic book, horror, sci-fi, and everything nerdy convention. This year Stan Lee took control of the convention which gave it a much needed size and location boost. Last year it was held in a parking garage and this year it was moved to the South Hall with panel rooms in the 300 section above the south hall. This year the team was made up of Copy Editor Jared and Game Reviewer Miguel.

This is Scarlet Rhapsody’s second time at ComiKaze and you can listen to our convention podcast by clicking here. The theme of the report is based upon the Rush album, Moving Pictures. Rush references were made during the convention and theme of free expression and fighting censorship fits Comikaze Expo 2012.

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