"I'm having flashbacks to Anime Central 2003 all over again."

"America! Fudge yeah!"

"This bar is loin cloth optional."

"Yoshiki is a guy that hits stuff with sticks."

"I found a wrapper in the closet."
"Snoop Dogg was in our closet?!"

"What's on your mind?"
"How does one pronounce 'vuvuzela?'

"Stan and Deb's new nickname will be Stab."

"There was much stabbing in the shower."

"I'm having flashbacks to Anime Central 2003. Not good. Not good."

"Allow me to summon the powers of Michael Scott...fine, I'll just take Dwight Schrute."

"Look for the Asian girl in the black power suit."

"Does the Kitami one come with a detachable penis?"

"I've had discussions comparing themes in The Crucible to Bible Black."

"The sad part is Bible Black is actually better than most anime that's out right now."

"She sleeps right next to me. I'll remember to tie her up."
"That's hot."

"We gotta mute Immoral Sisters and sync the audio to episodes of Married with Children."

"Bible Black is better when you mute the audio and sync it up with Glee."


"Jared didn't want to go today. He wanted to stay home and bake cookies with Scotty."

"That's what she said."
"She did last night!"


"My new nickname for Stan and Deb is moose and squirrel."

"Our team is winning!"
"Our team?"
"LA Dodgers, of course!"

"I would like to dedicate this song to 4chan, specific to /cgl."

"Would it be a good time to call Sanchez and let him known that Team Blue is kicking their ass?"

"Hey! It's a Snoop Dogg cosplayer!"

"I'm living like Cinderelly with two crazy step brothers. Stan and Deb can be the mice."

"Tell Stan to stop chewing off the dry wall."

"This is Rei Ayanami Spice, Bitchy Spice, Ethnic Spice, Other Ethnic Spice, Shouta Spice..."

"How was the porn star panel?"

"People trust people in labcoats."

"I hope this side of the room gets cancer."

"In Miami, you begin Latino and then you end up Jewish."

"Do you even know what the Third Reich is?!"

"Vic! There will be a yuri game in the works!"

"No, she's cosplaying as the ninja of the Nokia clan. You should hear their theme."

"Stephen Colbert should do Hetalia!"
"That's retarded."
"That's mean!"
"Fine. That's mentally challenged."

"Maids versus gangsters!"

"The porno title would be maids versus gangster members."

"No Lucy Liu."

"We're setting up for the Blue Lagoon panel."

"And now for the blue haired goon!"

"What are you doing here?! You're not press!"

"What's Street Fighter High? Is it like all of the characters sit in a stoner circle and talk about fights?"

"His name is Jacuzzi Splot because if you drop something in a jacuzzi it goes splot."

"Nonsense! They think of you as Babar: King of the Elephants."

"Speaking of slutty bras, someone please help me in this red Victoria Secrets push up bra."

"Soletta means 'loner' in Italian."

"We're playing 'Dude: Where's Stan's Car?'"

“You know you aren’t gay if you gag when you have a lollipop stick in your mouth.”

“You guys got room for a dragon?”

“I’m the dragon, bitch!”

“”Real men cosplay from shojo!”

“I’m going to sit on the stairs.”
“Sorry you can’t sit on the stairs.”

“Are you ready?”

“Sing for me and only me!”

“How strange, someone got my reference.”

“Hatori wants a gin and tonic.”

“She have big breast?”
“You, lucky!”

“I don’t act in those kind of game with my name, Yuu Asakawa, Yuu Asakawa.”

“Hey, I know you.”

“Stan ditched us.”

“So I saw these mouse pads…”
“With boobs!”

“It’s like I always say, I am not one of you.”

“Yaya loves me.”

“Welcome anime? You mean the pub wants cosplayers to show up?”

“Why am I getting this sense of déjà vu?”

“There is some manga being sold over there that we don’t want to be associated with.”

“I want the pony!”

"I wanna ride the pony!"

"Hey Stan, can we get a pony?!"

“My head hurts!!”

“I guess I’ll have to cosplay as that generic guy from Macross Frontier.”

“Is there some sort of Filipino thing going on?”
“Um… yeah kinda…”

“I feel like I was here two weeks ago.”

"Moon Speak is Japanese, so that makes Tagalog Uranus Speak."

"Jared usually does Dallas. Wait...that sounded wrong."

"What are your favorite weapons?"
"Sword Cutlass."
"Sword Cutlass."
"Nuclear bomb."

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