After all of the excitement of doing four panel events in the morning, we decided to check out what was going on at the dealer's hall. Jared would not be returning on Sunday because of family plans for the Fourth of July. While we ran into plenty of cosplayers in the South Hall, there was no time to waste. When I reached Funimation's booth, they were already sold out of season one of Hell Girl, X TV series, and Romeo x Juliet. I was not expecting an industry booth to be sold out so fast!

DSC07834.JPG DSC07838.JPG DSC07845.JPG DSC07849.JPG DSC07851.JPG

DSC07833.JPG DSC07835.JPG DSC07836.JPG DSC07837.JPG DSC07850.JPG

I eventually checked other dealers for sweet deals. I was surprised to find dealers selling vuvuzelas. That explains the presence of them during the con. I was able to finally pick up the X TV series via another dealer and a copy of the Manga Cookbook. Jared picked up a dollfie hat from Yaya Han. We were able to spend a good hour in the dealer's room prior to closing.

DSC07842.JPG DSC07843.JPG DSC07844.JPG DSC07846.JPG

Jared and I decided to debrief in the press reception room. This was a nice addition to Anime Expo's press department. This was very relaxing and I appreciated the free water.

DSC07847.JPG DSC07848.JPG

Only two events were occurring on Saturday night; Last Comic Standing and Masquerade. Of the two, Last Comic Standing seemed to be the most appearling. Last year's Last Comic Standing had rave reviews. Unfortunately, we did not make it to either or because we decided to go to dinner instead.

I took a few photos of my Lei Fang (Dead or Alive 4) cosplay at my favorite spot for photos in the Los Angeles Convention Center.

DSC07852.JPG DSC07855.JPG DSC07859.JPG DSC07860.JPG DSC07861.JPG DSC07862.JPG DSC07864.JPG DSC07869.JPG

I also took pictures of Jared's Makoto (The World Ends With You) at the same spot too.

DSC07871.JPG DSC07873.JPG DSC07875.JPG DSC07877.JPG

DSC07870.JPG DSC07872.JPG DSC07874.JPG DSC07876.JPG

Saturday evening was fairly slow. It was a good time to take pictures of cosplayers since not too many people were hording for a photo. There were still plenty around South Hall and West Hall. I also ran into a Kasumi cosplayer to take some fighting shots with. We also ran into Ryan (California Cosplay Blog) who was cosplaying as Hetalia Phillippines.

DSC07878.JPG DSC07879.JPG DSC07882.JPG DSC07883.JPG DSC07884.JPG DSC07885.JPG DSC07886.JPG DSC07888.JPG

DSC07890.JPG DSC07891.JPG DSC07892.JPG DSC07893.JPG DSC07896.JPG DSC07897.JPG DSC07898.JPG DSC07899.JPG

DSC07901.JPG DSC07923.JPG DSC07918.JPG

DSC07880.JPG DSC07881.JPG DSC07887.JPG DSC07889.JPG DSC07894.JPG

DSC07895.JPG DSC07900.JPG DSC07919.JPG DSC07921.JPG DSC07922.JPG

Ryan, Eliteslayer, Jared, and I decided to go grab dinner. We were hoping we could still catch Last Comic Standing, but dinner ran pretty long at the ESPN Sports Zone. This counted my third trip to ESPN Sports Zone during the weekend. We shared the Ultimate Tailgate platter among the four of us. We also ran into LA Live security was rather amused by Eliteslayer's watermelon head.

DSC07924.JPG DSC07925.JPG DSC07926.JPG

While we were roaming around LA Live, we also saw bits of the laser show. I thought it was cool that the show played a mix of popular anime tunes through the years: "Cat's Eye," "Cruel Angel's Thesis," and "Hare Hare Yukai." Ryan also ran into a Filipino family who wanted to take photos with him. Many Filipino otakus were praising Ryan for representing the Phillippines.

DSC07927.JPG DSC07928.JPG

As mentioned on the Friday evening report, LA Live is a great place for photos and the way it lights up at night is just spectacular. This was great for cosplay photoshoots.

DSC07933.JPG DSC07942.JPG DSC07958.JPG DSC07956.JPG DSC07960.JPG DSC07939.JPG DSC07943.JPG DSC07948.JPG

DSC07929.JPG DSC07932.JPGDSC07935.JPG DSC07937.JPG DSC07949.JPG

DSC07944.JPG DSC07946.JPG DSC07955.JPG DSC07957.JPG DSC07959.JPG

Speaking of cosplay, the masquerade was letting out of the Nokia. I was hoping I could get some shots of the participants outside of the theater. I did find a full sized Chocobo and a Belldandy that were both spectacular works of art, but unfortunately, the crowd letting out for masquerade started to get extremely chaotic. While the show did not completely sell out, the main Nokia Plaza was being block off because they were dismantling the Anime Expo stage. Because of this chaos, I decided not to stick around to take photos of cosplay show participants.

DSC07964.JPG DSC07965.JPG DSC07966.JPG DSC07968.JPG

DSC07963.JPG DSC07969.JPG DSC07970.JPG DSC07971.JPG DSC07972.JPG

DSC07973.JPG DSC07974.JPG

Jared walked me back to the Wilshire Grand. It was really nice to walk around downtown at night. However, my hotelmate, Julia, reported that it was hard trying to get a shuttle back to the hotels in the later evening hours. Julia reccounted that people were pushing and shoving to get a spot on the bus. People have complained about the shuttle service fare, however, attendee safety - including transport to and from the convention to the center and boarding the buses in an orderly fashion - should be a primary concern. Not to mention, increasing the number of buses after late night events like masquerade and Last Comic Standing.


After Jared left Anime Expo, the ladies of the Wilshire Grand got together for late night shenanigans that include Ren'ai games and having Deb dress up in one of my dresses and stuffing her chest. In addition to what the convention itself offers, random moments of fun times are part of the fun that is the anime convention experience.


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