Later on Friday, I decided to dress up as Naru (Love Hina) in honor of Yui Horie's guest appearance at Anime Expo. Yui Horie was the voice actress for Naru in the anime series. Her panel was schedule for 4PM on Friday. However, due to a few complications in our scheduling, we were not able to make it. We did speak to Matt and Ryan (California Conventions Blog) about their experience at the Yui Horie panel. The voice actress was half an hour late to her panel. Petree Hall was filled to capacity, and otaku started to "bum rush" to her autograph session. The autograph session ended abprutly when Yui Horie had leave for a meeting.

Jared and I returned to the convention center area for the Fighting Generation gathering. We ran into a few of our friends at that gathering. We also briefly stopped by the Durarara gathering.

DSC07676.JPG DSC07677.JPG DSC07679.JPG DSC07684.JPG DSC07686.JPG DSC07688.JPG DSC07689.JPG DSC07696.JPG

IMG_3517.JPG IMG_3518.JPG IMG_3519.JPG IMG_3521.JPG IMG_3522.JPG IMG_3523.JPG IMG_3524.JPG IMG_3525.JPG

IMG_3526.JPG IMG_3531.JPG IMG_3532.JPG IMG_3533.JPG IMG_3534.JPG IMG_3535.JPG IMG_3536.JPG IMG_3537.JPG

IMG_3520.JPG IMG_3527.JPG IMG_3529.JPG IMG_3530.JPG DSC07685.JPG

DSC07681.JPG DSC07682.JPG DSC07683.JPG

At 6PM, Craig was hosting the Anime Expo Ballroom gathering. Because Anime Expo cancelled their annual ballroom dance, a few ballroom afficiandos decided to start their own mini gathering. Avianna, Mark, and Craig were teaching lessons; how to lead and how to follow. A few people, myself included, contributed music. The gathering took place in the open air corridor outside of West Hall. A few of the chefs at the Galaxy Cafe were amused by our gathering and got excited when we played Japanese cover of "Lambada" by Akemi Ishii. The purpose of the gathering was for fans of ballroom dancing to get together to create our own ballroom dance.


DSC07697.JPG DSC07698.JPG IMG_3542.JPG IMG_3543.JPG IMG_3544.JPG

IMG_3538.JPG IMG_3539.JPG IMG_3540.JPG IMG_3541.JPG

We had a variety of different ballroom dance styles available to dance to: west coast and east coast swing, club two step, argentine tango, waltz, cha cha, fox trot, etc. Mark brought plenty of anime themed ballroom dance music.

DSC07690.JPG DSC07692.JPG DSC07693.JPG DSC07694.JPG DSC07695.JPG

We had a small turn out. I did like that the gathering took place while there were hardly any main events going on. The area was clear enough for ballroom dancing. I really hope that Craig and Mark continue on this tradition and that eventually, Anime Expo will bring back the ballroom dance. Craig and Mark and more than willing to help bring it back again. On Thursday evening, Jared and I ended up swinging at Point Moorea, the hotel's bar. We thought if Anime Expo rented out a club or a hotel's bar that was within a decent distance, it would be a nice venue for a ballroom dance.

As the dance ended, I took photos of my new Naru cosplay. Throughout Friday, I was asked how I styled the wig for Naru. I used Tristen Citrine's user friendly tutorial.

DSC07700.JPG DSC07701.JPG DSC07703.JPG DSC07708.JPG DSC07709.JPG DSC07712.JPG DSC07716.JPG DSC07719.JPG

DSC07704.JPG DSC07706.JPG DSC07714.JPG DSC07717.JPG DSC07718.JPG

Friday night still had plenty of cosplayers running around the convention center.

DSC07720.JPG DSC07721.JPG DSC07723.JPG DSC07724.JPG DSC07725.JPG DSC07734.JPG DSC07735.JPG DSC07737.JPG DSC07738.JPG

DSC07741.JPG DSC07743.JPG DSC07744.JPG DSC07752.JPG

DSC07739.JPG DSC07740.JPG DSC07742.JPG DSC07745.JPG DSC07746.JPG

Craig, Jared, and I stopped by the arcade to check it out. I do not usually play arcade games, but it is always fun to watch people play Dance Dance Revolution and Para Para Paradise. It was nice of Anime Expo to bring back the arcade at the 11th hour. The arcade was located in the West Hall concourse. It reminded Craig and I of how Fanime used to run the arcade; it did not have a closed room, but it was out in the open so that people can watch people play. The open air arcade also did not have the typical fanboy funk either.

DSC07726.JPG DSC07727.JPG DSC07728.JPG DSC07729.JPG DSC07730.JPG

DSC07731.JPG DSC07732.JPG DSC07733.JPG DSC07736.JPG

While the night was winding down, people from the MELL concert were leaving the Nokia theater. Craig, Jared, and I went to ESPN Sports Zone for a late night snack. We ordered an appetizer full of nachos and shared it among the three of us.

DSC07747.JPG DSC07722.JPG

Nokia Plaza was also a nice place for photos. This was the first time Anime Expo used Nokia Plaza for events. They could not use the plaza last year because of Michael Jackson's memorial service. Nokia Plaza really lit up the nightlife. I loved the trees with the blue lights. It was almost like a mini Times Square. People felt safe around the plaza because the area is full of security and LAPD officers. This plaza is a great addition to Anime Expo because it highlights the Los Angeles nightlife. Not to mention, the dances were being held in Club Nokia.

DSC07748.JPG DSC07749.JPG DSC07751.JPG


Jared had to leave for the night. I went back to the Wilshire Grand with Craig. For the rest of the night, we were just hanging out in the hotel room recounting what happened during the day and watching whatever was on television. The convention was only at the midway point. Two more days to go.


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