Unlike many conventions Anime Expo has early programming even on day one. I got ready and left the comfort of Orange County to make my way into downtown Los Angeles to go to the biggest anime convention in the country. I arrived about 8:30AM and made my way up to the third level in order to find the press registration area. When I came to the booth it was already open even though the official opening time was nine. I was able to quickly get my badge, but they were missing lanyards and program guides. I had to trek downstairs to the assistance booth to get everything I was missing. Although this was inconvenient I had no complaints as I was able to get my badge earlier than I expected.

IMG_3405.JPG IMG_3406.JPG

I wandered the convention hall a bit as I had some time before anything started. While wandering I ran into Matt and Ryan (California Conventions Blog) and I decided to hang with them for a bit. We wandered around outside and ended up getting lost and stumbling into another event. As no one quite knew what they wanted to do I decided to make my way back into the convention center for the Gundam panel.

IMG_3407.JPG IMG_3410.JPG IMG_3414.JPG IMG_3418.JPG

IMG_3408.JPG IMG_3409.JPG IMG_3412.JPG IMG_3413.JPG IMG_3415.JPG

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The Gundam panel was run by fans of the series that showed off the trailer for the Gundam 00 movie and talked about the new mecha featured in the movie. They also went over new manga and models that were coming out. Finally the panel concluded with questions by the audience and trivia for prizes. I did get in line to ask if anyone else hated Kamille Bidan from Zeta Gundam, but I did not get my chance before the panel ended.


IMG_3419.JPG IMG_3420.JPG IMG_3421.JPG IMG_3422.JPG IMG_3423.JPG

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After the panel it was time for the Fruits Basket gathering. I decided that I would wear Hatori Sohma because I rarely get to wear Fruits Basket cosplay. The gathering was small with only five people (including myself) but we had a nice shoot under the trees. The wind was a pain and I regretted not bringing extra gel if my hair got out of place. Still we had fun and I got to show off Hatori once again

.IMG_3432.JPG IMG_3433.JPG IMG_3435.JPG IMG_3437.JPG IMG_3438.JPG IMG_3440.JPG IMG_3442.JPG IMG_3443.JPG

IMG_3431.JPG IMG_3434.JPG IMG_3441.JPG IMG_3444.JPG
As the gathering ended I returned to the convention center to wander a bit before lunch. I ended up eating lunch while hanging out with a couple friends in the hallway between south lobby and west lobby. We hung out for a bit, but I wanted to hit the dealer hall so I slowly made my way there while chatting and taking photos.

IMG_3428.JPG IMG_3429.JPG IMG_3430.JPG IMG_3436.JPG IMG_3445.JPG IMG_3447.JPG IMG_3448.JPG IMG_3451.JPG

IMG_3452.JPG IMG_3454.JPG IMG_3455.JPG IMG_3456.JPG IMG_3458.JPG

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IMG_3461.JPG IMG_3462.JPG IMG_3463.JPG

I began my exploration of the dealer hall with a sense of déjà vu. The first booth I entered was the Natsume booth, a booth I had visited during my time at E3. After reminiscing with a Natsume staff member I began my tour of the hall. I ran into Yaya Han and chatted with her a bit. I took at look at several booths, but did not see anything too interesting. I had to cut my trip short in order to get to the Yuu Asakawa panel at 2:30PM.

IMG_3464.JPG IMG_3467.JPG IMG_3469.JPG IMG_3470.JPG IMG_3473.JPG IMG_3474.JPG IMG_3475.JPG IMG_3476.JPG

IMG_3466.JPG IMG_3468.JPG IMG_3471.JPG IMG_3472.JPG

I got to the panel room just in time to see the line going inside. I joined the line and found myself in a less than great seat. The panel was fun and the audience asked a couple interesting questions, including one about the voice work she has done for games like Ever 17 and Ai Shimai (aka Immoral Sisters). All she would say is that she did not do adult work using her name. The only questions that annoyed me were the questions by attendees that were asked in Japanese. Although some may have been native speakers, most were clearly Americans. Yuu Asakawa had great English and it made me wonder how a Japanese guest could have better English than the American attendees.

IMG_3477.JPG IMG_3479.JPG IMG_3481.JPG IMG_3482.JPG

After the panel I returned to the dealer hall to wrap up what was left. I found a nice Genshiken figure and saw a few other figures I thought about picking up. As soon as I heard it was closing time I went to the Funimation booth to meet up with my buddy Miguel who was working that day. We headed out together and went to the Wilshire Grand to hang out with some of our other friends.

IMG_3483.JPG IMG_3484.JPG IMG_3485.JPG IMG_3486.JPG IMG_3487.JPG IMG_3488.JPG IMG_3489.JPG IMG_3490.JPG

IMG_3492.JPG IMG_3493.JPG IMG_3494.JPG IMG_3497.JPG IMG_3498.JPG IMG_3499.JPG IMG_3500.JPG

IMG_3491.JPG IMG_3496.JPG

Miguel and I went to Point Moorea at the hotel and enjoyed some happy hour specials as we talked about our adventure.

DSC07552.JPG DSC07553.JPG

DSC07544.JPG DSC07546.JPG DSC07547.JPG DSC07548.JPG DSC07551.JPG

Before I knew it Victoria entered the bar and joined us, now that her class was over. We talked a bit more then went around the hotel taking pictures to end the day.

IMG_3501.JPG IMG_3502.JPG


Victoria was cosplaying as Soletta Orihime from Sakura Taisen. This is her first time wearing Soletta in a while.

DSC07549.JPG DSC07562.JPG DSC07565.JPG

DSC07550.JPG DSC07554.JPG DSC07561.JPG DSC07563.JPG DSC07564.JPG

And then I finally got pictures of myself as Hatori from Fruits Basket.

DSC07559.JPG DSC07560.JPG DSC07558.JPG

DSC07555.JPG DSC07556.JPG DSC07557.JPG

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