"I'll race you to L. A." ~ Victoria to her roommate, Eve.

"Hey! Duran Duran is in our living room!" ~ Andrew, Victoria's brother, amazed by the joy of HDTV

"Your minivan is nicknamed 'Coffin on Wheels'" ~ Tom commenting about our crap-arse Ford 1988 Aerostar

"Hey Andrew! Can we post your picture on Cats on Mars?" ~ Reaction to my brother's crossplay.

"What time do you need to be there?"

"Don't post that picture of me. I look ugly." ~ Victoria's dad.

"You told us to leave at 6AM, but now it's 9AM."
"Because you only understand Pilipino time, mom." ~ The only way to convince mom and dad to take us to the con by 10AM.

"I thought we were going to Long Beach!" ~ Victoria's mom. Mother forgot AX moved to Anaheim.

"Where's the stairs to the second floor."

"Merry Christmas, Mr. Tentacle."

"I want to give you a hug, but I don't want to crush your costume."

"Mr. Valentine..." ~ Robert greeting Tom. Agent Smith style.


"Al is a Jewish."

"I need my coffee."

"Do an it's so big pose."

"Order it shaken not stirred."

"I'm not drunk, I'm hyper!"

"He's just had a martini and two olives."

"You really are a robot, Key."

"The sausage has left the salad."

"We got a security breach at Los Pantalones."

"Stop fondling her!"

"Hey! Is that kid a Mexican?"

"Don't kill me, Claudine!"

"Can't sleep. Con will eat me."

"Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready? Are we ready?" ~ Rob and Tom before going out to breakfast.

"How about Denny's?"
*puke noise*

"How about IHop's?"
*puke noise*

"The internet is for porn."

"He needs to zip up his boots." ~ Victoria's only comment towards Man Faye.

"We should shout out 'Security, we have a security breach at Los Pantalones'" ~ Claudine wanting to taunt the Man Faye

"I'm the punching bag of the day." ~ Crispin Freeman

"You came back for me!" ~ Seki Tomokazu to his fans

"Chotto...gay." ~ Seki Tomokazu

"When I grew up, I wanted to be a voice actor." ~ Seki Tomokazu

"When I was five-years-old, my dad told me to stop watching those damn cartoons." ~ Crispin Freeman

"In fact this is the most fun I'm having at this con." ~ Tom to some other younger girl

"Tom is cheating on me."
"What? Why? How? Who?"
"Some (age) year old girl...just kidding."
"Don't scare me like that."

"My brain hurts."


"Big rainbow!" ~ Princess Senshi gathering

"Because you always wanted to waltz to Metallica"

"We're going to get some hooch!"

"Did he say 'couch'?"

"Hooch. Couch means something else..."

"I want to see celebrities die."

"Hey Andrew! Do a yaoi pose with your friends."

"I have no idea what's going on."

"Snape is on TV."

"Making love to El Bandido."

"Hey, do you have alcohol? Let me in!"

"Here you go Mr. Pedophile."


"It's the Robotech sign!"

"It's not Robtech, it's MACROSS!"

"Well, we all know everything starts on Pilipino time!"

"It's cosplay. Get used to it."

"They have the naked cousin!"

"I like King of New York..."



"Vegas showgirls are much more tasteful."

"Hey! Is that the country singer?"

"Jarod! Jarod! Jarod!"

"Is Jarod the new chair?"

"Robert, don't pocket the money." ~ giving photoshoot money to Robert Jr.

"But he never gave me the money!" ~ Robert's dad several hours later

"Drinking party? WHERE?!"

"Go to Star Tours while it's still good!"

"Hey! We're going to the Phillippines!" ~ Because we all know Ewoks are really Pilipinos

"They're selling Pilipino plushies!" ~ Ewoks for sale at the Star Trader

"It felt like really great sex."

"Space Mountain is like an orgasm. You get white stuff on your face in the end."

"Hostage Mover, Terrorists of the Carribean, and Saddam's Palace."

"We went on Splash Mountain and it's racist as ever!"

"Pollution, ten-year-olds in gangs, everyone is fake, everyone drives, that's LA."

"So, we celebrated our anniversary together and now we're married with a cat."

"Two cats."

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