There is nothing like celebrating your happiest moment in your life than spending it at the happiest place on earth. On July 4, 2003, Tom and I officially became a couple. Granted that we were given forewarnings by Albert that Disneyland would be crowded, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. Tom and I were able to do 35 attractions (rides, shows, parades, walk throughs included).

Because it was our two year anniversary, we decided to be dorks and go in our Battle Royale costumes. Hey if our friends can get away with Prince of Tennis costumes at the park, we could get away in our non-blood soaked BR get up. We took the Lion King tram to the Disneyland Resort. Unlike last year, we just got Disneyland-only tickets. We walked down Main Street USA and we were greeted by a small Alice in Wonderland parade.

Normally, I start off at Adventureland. I decided to mix it up. The Traveling Valentine crew started off at Tomorrowland first. We tried out the Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. It was about time Disneyland used that space for something. For the record, it was at the old Circle Vision place. Since Rocket Rods closed, there was nothing there. For the record, Tom scored 46,000 (as expected from someone who can name every gun) and I scored 15,000.

Because Tom and I are such Katamari Damancy geeks, Tom wanted to roll the big ball in the middle of Tomorrowland. We were surprised to find that Space Mountain was open. I heard rumors on Mouse Planet that Space Mountain would have soft openings prior to July 17. The rumors were true! The new Space Mountain can be described as orgasmic. My roommate says it's like a disco. Then we went to Star Tours while it was still true to the original trilogy. Afterwards, we lined up for the Matterhorn. Fortunately, they were looking for parties of two. We were able to cut ahead in the line.

Katamari Damancy!

We went en route to Fantasyland and went on It's a Small World. Then over to Toontown where we picked up fast passes for Roger Rabbit. To kill some time, we stopped over the Toontown Mailroom, Donald's Boat, Chip and Dale's treehouse, Mickey's House, and Minnie's House. Tom and I had ice cream at Clarabell's Yogurt stop. So, we did Cartoon Spin. Jessica Rabbit is on my top three for favorite Disney babes (including Mulan and Belle).

For my inner Italianand for my inner IndianYeah, I'm one of those

We went back to Fantasyland and walked over at Triton's lagoon and Snow White's wishing well. Then we went back inside Fantasyland and went on Snow White and Pinochio. Then we went through Big Thunder Ranch for some Battle Royale pictures. We picked up fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain. While waiting for the go, we ate at the Stage Door Cafe. Nice fish and chips! We finnished lunch early, so we went on the Columbia sailing ship. That was also Tom's first time around the Rivers of America. So, we went on Big Thunder Mountain. Tom thought the background music in the line was "Knights of the Round Table." Next was Pirates of the Carribean. Tom took a nap. After that, we went to the pirate store and scored some jewels.

Happy Birthday America!

Then next was my favorite ride, The Haunted Mansion. Of course, I know the Ghost Host's spiel by heart. I couldn't resist saying the lines along with Master Gracey. Onto attraction number 23, Winnie the Pooh. Of course, this is best described as an acid trip. Tom and I had our usual anniversary treat - a pina colada - in jelly bean form. Then we went to Battle Royale Island (aka Tom Sawyer's Island) for more BR related photoshoots.

We went on the Jungle Cruise. Tom always thought the ride was just okay. It looks like they enhanced the ride. They brought back the gun fire and also had evil fishies. After that cruise, Tom actually likes the Jungle Cruise. We passed by a Barber Shop Quartet on Main Street on the way to the Main Street Opera House. A cast member (Melody) spotted us and noticed we just came back from Anime Expo. The 50th Anniversary special was pretty good, even with the cheese. After that, Tom and I wandered around the opera house exhibit. Fortunately for us, famous cast member, Maynard, took our picture. Tom went to the Magic Store out of curiosity.

Thanks Maynard!

We went back to Fantasyland and went on Alice in Wonderland. Tom has not been on this one yet. I haven't been on this one in a while. Thenafter, another first for myself, we went on Innoventions. At least they had free Dance Dance Revolution. Of course, Tom showed off his moves on trick. Tom wanted to go Downtown Disney for more Lego goodness. The line for the Monorail was pretty long, so we went on the Matterhorn. Then we went on the Monorail towards Downtown Disney. We went back to Disneyland. For dinner, we wanted to eat at the Plaza, but we found out it was closed. It was time to use our fast passes for Indiana Jones, so we went on that.

Tom and I had our two year anniversary dinner at the French Market. Even though the line was long, it was worth the wait. The seafood fettucini was the best! I guess you can also say dinner also had a show. We saw bits of Fantasmic while chowing down. We rushed over to Sleeping Beauty's castle for the fireworks. It was really crowded. We found out that there were about 65,000 people at the the park! Otherwise, the 50th Anniversary fireworks display was simply amazing. Of course, like our first kiss as a couple, Tom and I passionately kissed under the fireworks.

Happy Birthday Disneyland!

We ended Disneyland with a splash. We went over to Critter Country and waited less than five minutes for Splash Mountain. Thinking that we could do more attractions, we checked the wait for Space Mountain. 60 minutes. It was about 10:30PM. We left Tomorrowland and on to Main Street for some shopping. As an anniversary present, Tom gave me the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp. I picked up a few items for myself including two picture frames, a 50th anniversary scrapbook, and 50th anniversary memorial book.

Darth Vader on TV!

Tom and I took the Lion King Tram back to Katella. We walked back to our hotel and did our last minute packing. We rested up and watched Futurama until my parents showed up to pick us up. Overall, it was a dandy and relaxing Disneyland trip. I did not break my attraction record from last year (39 attractions), but I really had no intention too, though this trip takes second place (35 attractions). It was great celebrating Tom and my anniversary along with Disneyland's anniversary.

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