At 10AM, I took Tom to his anniversary present -a photo shoot with Consplayers. Robert Sr. took our pictures. We were dolled up in our signature Arsene Lupin III and Fujiko Mine costumes. To see pictures of our Consplayers photoshoot, go here.

Ally Union cosplaying from Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO) Storm Troopers work it! Jango Fett from Star Wars Katamari Chicks!

After the photoshoot, I ran into my brother and his friends. My brother gave me the tickets to Disneyland (and my new debit card). They went on their own merry way to the dealer's room and picked up Battle Royale Special Version. For most of Sunday, Tom and I spent it at the dealer's room. Here's just a list of things I picked up:

+ EGL top hat
+ Lots of Fruits Basket manga
+ Sakura Taisen manga volume 1
+ Doll manga volume 5
+ Elfen Lied volume 1
+ Elfen Lied volume 2
+ Genshiken volume 3
+ Lupin III: Farewell to Nostradamus
+ Sumire Special

The dealer's room had an all right selection. I took advantage of Tokyo Pop's buy four get one free. Who knows when Borders will have the three for the price of two special again?

It was close to the Sailormoon gathering, so I got changed into Princess Mars. To fit the picture, Tom cosplayed as Arthur Dent from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. However, we missed the Sailormoon gathering by 40 minutes. However, eating is much more important than a gathering. I tried to get pictures of as much Sailormoon cosplayers as I can.

Will vs. Sean

Back at the hotel room, Tom, C.J., Rey Rey, Masako, and I relaxed for a bit. Rey Rey left his El Bandito mask in the hotel room. C.J. started bounced on a bed for a quarter. Tom was confused. Tom and I changed back to Lupin III and Fujiko. For the most part, to avoid the heat, we stayed inside the airconditioned dealer's room.

Makin' love to El BandidoYou want a piece of me?!

Just out of curiosity, Tom and I went to the Farewell to Nostradamus premiere. I haven't seen Nostradamus in a while. Dubbed or subbed, it still has cheese value. Afterwards, we went to the main cosplay gathering area. We saw a circle in the sky. What was it? The Macross sign? No, it turned out to be a Fantastic Four promotional! Everyone groaned. We ran into Kat and her friends in their Full Metal Alchemist PJ's. I also had the pleasure of meeting Minako Kou. Looks like us galaxy princesses stop by the nail salon on the other side of the universe.

Needs more cowbell!

Tom and I went to dinner at the Hilton restaurant. Yes, I really like that restaurant at the Hilton. I had buffalo wings (con tradition for me) and Tom had some yummy chilli soup. The time came close to masquerade. We were pretty sure that we could get seats if we arrive after start time. After all, everything at cons start late!

We were able to score two seats. Anime Expo always has a good show. My favorite performances were Genova's Advent Children skit, Can Can You Catch them All, Magna Carta which featured THE Magna Carta, Ragnarok Fish Fight, Rose of Versailles, Moon Sync III, A FFX-2 Thanksgiving, and of course, Traveling Valentine's personal favorite, Katamari Damancy.

I wish I could have got more pictures, but the photo area was reserved for press. So, I had to take what I could. Anime Expo ended for the Traveling Valentine pair, but the weekend was not over yet.

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