Perhaps the best event offered by Anime Expo was the ballroom dance. After all, in Anime Expo 2003, the ballroom dance was the catalyst that got Tom and I to finally admit our feelings to each other. The ballroom dance made us forget the stress and drama of Anime Expo. 

The enchanted evening started out with dinner at the Hilton hotel. Tom and I were dressed up as Aoki Seichirou and Karen Kasumi from the X / 1999 art book. Then we headed over to the Coast Anaheim for the ballroom dance. The Coast Anaheim courtyard was very similar to the AniMagic Lancaster poolside - relaxed and serene - with cosplayers running amuck. Even though it was far away from most of the con area, it was a very nice location.

The ballroom dance this year was much bigger than the first ballroom dance in 2003. There were more attendees, and much more people dress in semi-formal / formal attire. Tom and I just came in time for some swingin' good times. I have to say this was the most fun event. 

After the dance, Tom and I just wandered around the convention. I had to pick up some of my cosplay supplies from Eve. She had my white boots and Tom's guns. So, we trekked to the Coast Anaheim again to pick up Eve's room key. Alma was in Eve's room watching Mars Attacks. Since there was barely anything to do at AX that late at night, Tom and I stuck around to watch top billed celebrities die.

Just a Suggestion: Tom and I treasure the ballroom dance. We are happy to see a growing interest in social dancing among our peers. However, Tom recommends to keep the event strictly formal and strictly ballroom. I would recommend more romantic ballroom songs. I hardly find Metallica's "Unforgiven" appropriate for ballroom dancing. It seemed by the time that was played, they were running out of ideas. If the Anime Expo dance department needs more ballroom music, I have plenty of music sources being that I come from a family that embraces ballroom dancing. I would also advise to have a coat / purse check in. I'm very paranoid about leaving my purse unattended while I'm dancing, but at the same time, I would also like to take pictures of the cosplayers when I'm on my break time. Otherwise, keep the event, we need more romantic type dances at anime conventions!  

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