Breakfast is the most important part of the day. Rob P of Anime Overdose asked Tom and I if we were interested in going out to breakfast. So, we got changed into our Saturday costumes. Tom went into D. P. Gumby. I went into my sky blue Elegant Gothic Lolita. Claudine also went EGL that day, and we matched pretty well. I also had my Magic Attic Doll, Laura II, with me as an accessory. Rob P entered our hotel room and also welcomed Serena, Nick, and Claudine for our breakfast outing. 

John gets ready for the dayDon't puke at me! Puke at the camera! Katamari Damancy

So, we took Rob's car over to get over to CoCo's. I liked their food last year when the AVA luncheon was being held. CoCo's had an all you can eat breakfast buffet for a little less than $10. Tom managed to scarf down three plates. I picked up some brunch. It was a very nice and warm get together. There's nothing like sharing a hearty meal with friends. On the way back, Rob was playing his Avenue Q cd. Tom and I could not help but sing along to "The Internet is For Porn." Yes, we must karaoke to Avenue Q!

Well, she found something funny... Santa Clara University gathering Gumby figuring out how to make lego stuffs Two Lolis

Laura II joing two dollfies No, this is not the official Naruto gathering, but it will have to do R2D2 Go Speed Racer GO!

Tom, Claudine, and I wandered around the dealer's room. Afterwards, Tom and I ran into our friend Diana in line for the Seki Tomokazu panel. Since we paid $40 for this convention, might as well get our money's worth by attending a panel. Before the panel started, we were treated to the first few minutes of Count of Monte Cristo. It looks good by far. When Seki walked in, the girls went wild. He started off by taking pictures of the audience. Crispin Freeman served as the panel's mediator. Freeman also had a few questions to ask Seki. While Seki is a wonderful voice actor, the panel started to get boring, so Tom and I left.

Diana as Howl from Howl's Moving Castle Stella as a Bleach person Jarod as Tetsugyu Yay! Another Nadeshiko cosplayer! Seki panel

At 4PM, we went to the dollfie gathering. Karisu and family and Mary were over there. Let's just say that the gathering was far from pleasant. Let's just say, certain people need to show respect for other people's belongings.

Can you spot Laura II? Hehe! I gave Ryuu-kun the top!

On the bright side, I got a nice photoshoot with Richard. And then Tom got a nice photoshoot from me.

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