Much like my obsession with dolls, Tom geeks out over Legos. Of course, the Anime Expo dealer's room would not carry Lego Star Wars sets. Where else to go? Easy, we go downtown. Downtown Disney is not far from the Anaheim Convention Center. You just have to cross the street towards Disneyland and take the Lion King tram. The tram will take you straight over there. Tom and I were still in cosplay - as James Bond and Wai Lin from Tomorrow Never Dies. We were asked by tourists if we were going out dancing. 

Link endorses candy! Aimee as an Elegant Gothic Lolita this doll has a soul... Gomu Gomu as Senbatsu Regulars from Prince of Tennis Full Metal Alchemist gathering

Forget Man Faye. Enter the Man Fuu.

Dancing was not on the itinerary. Dinner was. Tom and I went to an outdoor bar. Much like Tom's character he portrayed, he ordered a martini. Let's just say, it was pretty strong stuff that it made him really hyper. So, Tom went to to the Lego store. We ran into Moo and her friend Theo. For the most part, we were geeking out over old school Star Wars toys. Tom went ahead and bought the emperor shuttle set from Return of the Jedi.

At the Disneyland Resort plushie gang bang! a new gadget from Q branch shaken, not stirred

someone left their underwear on the tram Drunken Tom and confuzzled Vic

We spent some quality time at Downtown Disney. It was one of the main highlights of Anime Expo weekend. We returned to the convention area and discovered that I was not in the karaoke semi-finals. It's all right. More time for me to run amuck. Unfortunately, the James Bond gathering did not go as well as planned. Jim would have been going as Jaws, but he could not find parking. Bart Boy would have been Boris, but he had his own plans that night. We ran into Claudine at the Marriot lobby. 

And the Jedi have returned Eve as Katsumi from Silent Mobius OMG! IT'S SO BIG! The Bride makes it clear that chicks rule Katchoo givin' you the F U Hey! Claudine is here!


It was getting late into the night. Claudine played a funny clip from Key the Metal Idol involving Key being some whore. What made the clip really funny is that the English dub actors provided the voiceovers. Other than that, Claudine, Tom, and I were poking fun at old episodes of Scooby Doo, and some innuendo talk on the side which resulted to a night of big laughs and little sleep.

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