Prior to Anime Expo, I had several nightmares. Normally, I do not stress out over cons. I take it as it goes. I was not even remotely involved with whatever was going on with the masquerade. The nightmares were unexplained, but I managed to shrug them off. 

Normally, I debut a new costume at Anime Expo. The original idea was to debut Miss Hinako (Ranma 1/2) and Faye Valentine (Cowboy Bebop), and Mitsuko Sohma (Battle Royale). However, I wanted to pack light. All ideas but one were dropped. I went to Target to find a perfect uniform skirt for Battle Royale. All I had to do was attach the lace on. The other costume I debuted was something that was originally planned for Wonder Con 2005 - Wai Lin (Tomorrow Never Dies) for a proposed James Bond gathering. 

Tom and I left San Francisco on Wednesday June 29. We arrived Los Angeles that very evening. We packed light and kept to two costumes per day since we wanted to relax during our anniversary weekend. The very next day, Tom visited his folks in Arcadia. I was stuck at home, but I got my hair and nails done! My brother's friends came over. I registered them for Anime Expo, but the register system was really slow. I guess everyone is logging in on the night before. It took almost half an hour to pre-register my brother and his buddies! For the hell of it, we dressed up my brother in my old and retired Eva Friedel costume (now just an Elegant Gothic Aristocrat).

Waiting for dad to pick us up at LAX My brother as an Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA)

Tom did not come back until 9PM. By then, my parents went to Palm Springs for some slots and buffet. My brother and his friends wanted an early Fourth of July party. For the most part, Tom and I dozed off to Dancesport and Monty Python's Flying Circus. 

Tom and I woke up early Friday morning. We got dolled up in our Sakura Taisen costumes. I was dressed as Orihime Soletta and Tom was suited up as Yuuichiro Kayama. We arrived at the Anaheim Convention Center at 9AM. First, we left our stuff at our Marriot room. Then, we lined up for our badges. Isn't it funny that the pre-paid line is longer than the unpaid line? It took us two hours to get through it. Luckily, we found our friend from last year's line to keep us company. 

"Don't take a picture of me. I look ugly!" Kayama getting friendly with Richard Nixon Orihime and Nixon

staff on duty Lust and Roydor These boots are made for struttin'

We finally received our badges. (I would have preferred if Anime Expo used their own trained staff for registration rather than ACC's staff. Some of those old ladies did not know how to work registration.) We explored around the convention area. Truly, Anime Expo had grown.

Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus Queen Nehelenia Videl and Jubei Bishoujo Gainax Boy as Sirius Black Sakura from the wonderful world of CLAMP (aka Tsubassa Reservoir Chronicles) Eve as Jubei from GetBackers

Ledgend of Zelda UC Santa Barbara gathering Bridal Ayame from Fruits Basket Dynasty Warriors Katamari Damancy

Faire Goddess and Pikachu because the ladies need to fan themsevelves off! Funimation Fun Al statue Jubei as Yuura from PLC

Rogue Marvel and friend from Gundam Wing Laura as Marie Antoinette from Rose of Versailles Dan and Michi as Turks from Final Fantasy 7

At 4PM was the karaoke contest. I went up to do "Watashi no Aozora Ni" from Sakura Taisen. I admit, it was not my best performance, but karaoke is all for fun anyway. Thanks Cristal for staying with me through the performance. Maybe I should go back doing voice classes working on both ranges rather than one. (My previous voice coach made me stick with operatic arias and ignore the sultry things I've learned from my first vocal coach)

Orihime tickles the ivories

Tom and I were feeling that there really wasn't much at Anime Expo to do on the first day. Karaoke results would not come until later. We decided to go downtown, but first, Tom had to pick up some "accessories" from Eve's hotel room...

Tom just found his weapon at the Hilton Chibiko as Mew Ichigo! Rei dressed up as someone from that one anime about bread Karisu-sama as Izumi from Full Metal Alchemist

Orihime and Kayama

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