Sunday is normally the "quiet" or "slow" day for conventions. However, Anime Overdose's Sunday still had quite a crowd. In the morning I did dealer's room shopping. I picked up a Fujiko telephone booth (for my new cell phone) and the remainding Paradise Kiss manga. We ran into our friends like Dan, Dave, and Emerald all dolled up as Sailor Moon baddies. We also ran into Michi whom we haven't seen since Michi Con! It's really great to see you again.

We also went to the autograph signing. Yuriko Fuchizaki was thrilled to see my Sakura Taisen cosplay images that I had on my scrapbook. She even recognized Ziggy and Cheryl in a few of them. Yuriko signed my scrapbook and all was well. Tom allowed Takeshi Mori to mark his spot on his Gunsmith Cats dvd. We also met the likes of Alex Borstein, Tara Strong, Rob Paulsen, and Marv Wolfman.

Then we attended the PLC panel. It was pretty much a Q and A session between the band and the fans. Highlights included favorite places in San Francisco, favorite performance costumes, favorite American bands, etc. The band was in normal looking suits as opposed to their typical gaudy fashion.

After the PLC panel,we ran into Fruits Basket cosplayers. They were the same people who organized the Furuba gathering on So far, we had Kisa, Kagura, two summer Tohrus, a summer Kyo, and a summer Yuki. The gathering was followed by a sushi lunch courtesy of the Fruits Basket group. We stuck around for some Rich Man Poor Man, but most of us were distracted by the Fruits Basket artwork on the back of the cards. Thanks for the sushi and rice balls!

After the Fruits Basket gathering was Iron Cosplay as hosted by Chairman BAKA. The theme ingredient - samurai. The secret ingredient - blank CDs. Allez Cosplay! It was Christophe versus Natalie. We had some crazy commentary going on thanks to USA Musume and Lionel. We even had the token photographers wanting to capture every moment of this intense event. Iron Cosplay had a good turnout since the dealer's room was already closed. It was a fun event that had the crowd going, and even Brad DeMoss made a special cosplay appearance as Quagmire from Family Guy.

For the rest of Sunday, Videl, Claudine, Matt, Tom, and I chilled around and about. We watched the most entertaining auction hosted by Brad DeMoss. Bidding wars happened between the Anime Overdose banner since it had the guests' signatures (including PLC's). Thanks to Brad's sense of humor, the auction was pretty fun to watch. Tom won himself a signed figurine from Takeshi Mori. Then came closing ceremonies. It closed with a huge group picture, and at last Anime Overdose ended.

Christophe went along with us (Claudine, Tom, and I) to the Muni. As he was getting set up, the three of us including Videl just chilled in the lobby with Al, Alma, Lionel, and Eve. Hillarity ensued. The fun didn't stop to the point where we should have got a hotel room for Sunday night. It was time to be heading out. Traveling Valentine and friends said their goodbyes, and took the 47 Van Ness to the M line home.

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