I left my dorm on Wednesday evening en route to Milpitas. Thursday was spent as a small birthday celebration with a dear friend, Hitori. Happy Birthday Tom. How old is he? Somewhere in his 20s. To start off the weekend celebration, the three of us dined at Applebee's. Unfortunately, Hitori could not make Anime Overdose, but she wanted to know what Yura-sama is like in person. Early Friday morning, Traveling Valentine left Milpitas and arrived at San Francisco State early in the morning. Preparations were made to get into our Psycho Le Cemu (PLC) costumes. Tom would be going as Lida and I would be going as Aya.

a silly image I made back in December of my dolls Ref. picture of the PLC costumes Traveling Valentine did. Thanks Videl and Jubei! on the Muni waiting for our stop

After a few rounds of Katamari Damancy, we took the Muni to Van Ness. Despite the rain and some travel delay, we arrived at the con at 11:30AM. The place was already dominated by PLC cosplayers. Aya was a popular pick among the fans. We met up with our SoCal friends: Jubei, her significant other, Matt, and Videl. We headed over to opening ceremonies then after.

Friday  had  a PLC cosplay invasion PLC With cosplayers Prism Aya J-rockers MattMatt as Roman Hikou Daishi Chibi cosplayers

Yui in an Amano design PLC promo material With seek Tom taking pictures and video clips Tom as Lida

Tom as Lida as Zenigata V as Aya as Fujiko Catching Matt Pegasus Maiden as Miwako King of Reg!

Jubei and Videl Yana Neko Luck in Spades Bang! You're dead Go Go Power Ranger! Morphin Time!

To familiarize ourselves with PLC, Traveling Valentine attended the PLC fan panel. Tom really enjoyed the Magical Box infomercial done by Lida, Aya, and Yura. Other things that happened during the PLC panel included fan made hand puppets of the band and freebies given out to the PLC cosplayers. We were even given Para Para rountine lessons to some of the PLC songs.

Even dollfies like PLC

Funimation's seek plushie Eve in Bleach cosplay

After the PLC panel, we ran into our friend Claudine. Seeing that we were running on empty stomachs (save for the French toast), we went out to Mel's for an intimate birthday celebration.

After the small birthday "linner" (a combo of lunch and dinner), we went back to the Holiday Inn where we ran into our friend Diana dressed up as Sanji. She was sweet enough to pass out snicker doodles. Traveling Valentine headed over to the VIP room where we ran into more friends and more food. We met cosplayers like Ayaka, Die-chan, Yuffie Bunny (the one who made an appearance on MTV's Room Raiders), and Yui. For the most part, Traveling Valentine and Eve spent a good deal mapping out the bay area with utensils and random paraphenelia. Tom also had us sit down with Brad DeMoss for a bit as well.

Waiting for the concert to start Moo's dolls What's a con without fans making music?

So for the rest of the night, we changed into artbook Karen and Aoki (X/1999). We just chilled in the hotel lobby until it was time for the PLC concert. When it did start, the concert opened up with a skit with the band members. Otherwise, the concert was a blast!

The genkier side of con ops Con Ops PANDA@ Bleach gathering

Sanada owns you

Traveling Valentine got home courtesy of Sasu-chan. When we got to the campus lot, Sasu gave us Inui juice. Tom and I walked back to the dorm and fell sound asleep.

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