First of all, Anime Overdose rocked. I have to say this con took a huge leap from a small con at Santa Clara to a little-big con in San Francisco. While AOD05 is recognized as a "small" con, many of the events were big. Such events included the Iron Cosplay and the Psycho Le Cemu concert. The little-big con even drew out of towners from Southern California and out of state to the bay area.  I really look forward to what events and surprises Anime Overdose has in the future. Keep those guests coming! 

Also, this was the first time Traveling Valentine had press access. Thank you, Rob. We'll get that Anime Overdose '05 memory book on the way. ^_^

Even though most of the time I was snapping pictures and helping out Tom taking video clips, I still enjoyed the con. Most of our friends were there and having our favorite company there, means a reason to celebrate. Tom had his birthday on Anime Overdose weekend. Though the celebrations were small, I thank everyone who participated in it. Thank you for coming out to dinner with us, sharing the cake on Saturday, Ramen and Rice for playing a special song for Tom, and everyone else who sang along. You guys rock! Hope you have another great year, Tomcat. Love you. 

The weekend was very memorable. It was a great start to begin convention season 2005. I really needed this weekend to see friends again that I don't normally see all the time. February was a tough month. I feel that Anime Overdose also ensured brighter hopes and optimism for the coming months of 2005. Thank you for making this the vacation from reality I needed! 

So, with that being said, the con was great. It's been nice seeing everyone again. I hope to see you all soon be it at a convention or elsewhere. I'm always in the city and sometimes making occasional trips to Los Angeles. If you want to stay in touch, please email me at We'll take it from there.

And thank you to Muni, Traveling Valentine's official form of transportation in the city.

And this video sums it all up!

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