Anime Central 2003 - for most of my friends, this year's ACen was a huge let down. We had a grumpy old man crash the party, the walk to the dealer's room was atrocious, and some personal drama and exhaustion. However, Anime Central 2003 was not that bad at all. It didn't live up to previous ACens, but I got my money's worth.

For one thing, Anime Central was an excuse to take a weekend off and visit my sister princesses. To me, any price on any airline to see my closest friends again is well worth it. Another realization why Anime Central did not completely suck at all would be being there for my friends. Chatting about drama and distress online is one really can't actually hug them or physically comfort them. I was glad I was finally able to talk face to face with them and give them the affection they deserved.

Aside from the drama, Anime Central was well worth it. I got to meet Maya Okamoto, the Japanese actress for Orihime Soletta and shared a mutual glomp with her. She's the sweetest guest I ever had met. Hope to see you at AX Idol, Maya-sama! The dealer's room was very astounding! For a second I thought I was at Anime Expo!

I don't have much convention gripe, but I do have to gripe about the use of the sky way to the dealer's room. I found that walking across the street was much shorter and easier.

Congrats to Kate Peterson for making it to Anime Idol! ^_^v

As for next year, I'm not quite sure if I'll be able to make it. If I do transfer to SFSU, I will attend. If I don't, I'll be at Fanime. I would like to come again for the madness, but I'll see what works out. Who knows what the future might bring?!

It was nice meeting new faces like Estevan and Jenny. You guys were great to hang out with on Saturday night! Of course, it was nice seeing old friendly faces again. I enjoyed the Para Para, the chit chat, the madness, and everything in between. Thank you everyone for making Anime Central 2003 worth the $177 AA ticket. I miss you guys even now as I'm typing this. Hopefully, we'll meet again very you all! *hugsies* You guys are simply the best!