"My not so virgin eyes!"

"They're making bobble heads of this guy?"

"Hi tree...I love you."

"Sailor Bubba got leid"

"Are you a bride?"
"I'm dressed as a whore"
"insert japanese translation"
"But you're so pretty!"

"She said "hi" to me!"
"Is that going on your livejournal?"

"Butt donuts!"

"No having grease pig sex on this sofa"

"Shut your fucking face shower fucker!"

"The two fucking comandments!"

"Can you name *ALL* 13 sisters?"

"but oni-chan is in Iceland...wait...where does Blue live again?"

"love and peace!"

"Let's do the peace sign"
"I thought it was the victory sign?"

"I love her and she loves me"
"I'm kinda taken"
"He's not here. It doesn't matter"

"I'm not a pervert. REALLY!"

"*insert counter shinji rant*"

"Snake in a box!"

"Think of the genki!"

"It's getting hot in here..."

"Hot pants!"

"Go back to your yaoi"

"Yaoi for sale!"

"This picture is going to be chiisy"

"Bruce Falconer killed the dance with the Everyone Clear the Floor Mix"

"Para para pose!"
"We look like nazis"

"the system is down"

"Phallic Madness! Phallic Symbols!"

"Give me a hug!"

"The doctor said I have 22 days to live...hug me!"

"He made the worst anime!"
"Even worse than Maze?"

"...in bed"

"Why do I feel like I'm at AX"

"This is a pirate. Pirates go, "arr!" Yet, there are no pirates in TEC, but visit us anyway"

"Kamui...I'm you're secret admirer"

"Kate is stabbing the cake, while my tummy no longer aches, and Esteven chowed on the steak"

"This is why they call it the windy city..."

"But are you a hot whore?"

"Is there going to be fanservice in Sakura Taisen 5?"

"Iris is really a 30 year old girl controlled as a little girl by Jean Paul"

"His friend is the Read or Die director."

"He's snorting up little children again"

"Does John ever wake up?"

"How many boyfriends did you have again?"

"So are you a mature drunk?"

"It smells like pot in here, so let's go clear the floor"

"How long do they have to repeat this song?"


"Artbook style or --?" "The most artistically, altruistically, elegantly pose!"

"Aragorn owns Legolas"

"I see an Alucard dinning with Victoria. Up my way comes a Vash. Then there's a Chibi Vash. There's a bunch of Chii's headed this way. Oh, and there's this gothic bride...I see a guy from Guilty Gear."

"I got a Tokyo Babylon doujinshii" "Ooh...the only scandalous thing I see is them shaking hands."