Sunday morning, the last day of the convention. I dressed up in my Yomiko Readman costume, and Luke told me about Read or Dream and the Read or Die manga. Luke also mentioned that my costume was talked about last year. ^^; First, Kristy and I stopped by over Sora's to look for her badge. Unfortunately, Sora didn't have it on the Lina costume. We said our goodbyes to her, and met her boyfriend Mike. Afterwards, said goodbye to the Jersey people and Phil. Wish I could make it to Otakon....I went with Kristy and company to the concierge. Unfortunately, they wouldn't take my laptop. Fortunately, Robert volunteered to carry my laptop around. 

I headed over to the Para Para Exhibition because Lauren, Su-chan, Poli, and possibly Kat would be there. Unfortunately, Kat didn't show up. ;_; After doing a few routines as an audience member, I was asked to go up on stage with them (only to the routines I knew). I haven't done para para with a group of people, so this experience was tons of fun. ^^

I met up with Kristy and company and we said our goodbyes. ;_; Robert gave me back my computer and Estevan willingly let me store my laptop in his room. I headed over to the dealer's room (this time, just went across the street) to do some final shopping. Out of impulse, I bought a box of X cards. I also bought a Erica Fontaine clearfile, but when I put my bags down to pose for a picture, someone took one of my bags. ;_;

For the remainder of the con, I hung out with Lauren, Su, Rick, and Poli. We talked for a bit, did some insane poses in costume for photographers. The director for Onegai Teacher ran into me and said he liked my costume. So I took a picture with him. He said he was going to show it to his friend - the director for Read or Die! XD So, after Poli left, we walked around and about. I got my laptop from Estevan and said my goodbye to him. Made it to closing ceremonies, and not much was going on there either, so Rick left. Lauren, Su, and I went to the main lobby. We commented about all the signs. There was this one guy who carried, "I have 22 days to live!" I met some of the people, and they were nice peoples. ^^

So, the time came to say my goodbye to Lauren and Su-chan. Lionel, Albert, and I took the same shuttle back because our flights were at the same time. I said my goodbyes to Sarah, Kyle, Oscar, and Moo. Our shuttle was sorta running late, but then finally came. Approaching O Hare, I nearly lost my card, but eventually found it. (nearly panicked there!) O Hare is one crowded mofo! Luckily, the guy who checked my bags in told me of a shorter way to get through this. I swear, O Hare is like this airport-mall. So, I got some McD's and found the gate. During boarding, I ran into Veronica from SSU.

It was an easy going flight, but it was full. I read some of my manga and watched some of my anime on my laptop. Then I napped for a bit. I knew the jetlag is going to really hit me hard when I get back. Arrived at SFO, and someone from Animerica recognized that I was cosplaying on the flight. Then I ran into Veronica and we took Airport Express back to Sonoma State.

The two of us talked about our ACen experience and then napped after we crossed the Richmond Bridge (19th street was way too congested to go through to take Golden Gate). Arriving at the Double Tree hotel, I called Adam to pick us up. Adam dropped off Veronica at her apartment. I went back to Traminer to find out that my roomies left a ton of stuff on top of my desk. ^_^;; Both good stuff and bad stuff. I found out that I got awarded "Most Likely to Graduate in Three Years" for the Traminer awards. I went to Chris and Angie's to give them their presents, and to Mike's to give him his present. Finally, stopped by over to Tokay to give Dale his birthday presents - a Trigun keychain, Kuroneko plushie, and a Kagome plushie. He told me about how his weekend went. We looked through pictures until I passed out on the couch. Goodnight!