Took me a while to get the costume on. The hair was the main problem. When I did Orihime at the SSU Masquerade Ball, my roommate did my hair. Amethyst Angel made this special commission for me (thanks!). Justin and Mel gave me the idea to do Orihime. So Anime Central would be the debut for this costume.

During the preparation, I let Robert and Kat take my laptop so they can do para para routines. After about an hour of preparation, I went downstairs to make my Orihime debut. I had a few pictures taken of me right by the restaurant. I also ran into Mel who was dressed up as a pretty gothic bride. She introduced me to her friends as, "the girl who looks like Orihime." ^_^; I headed over to the convention center to take several Orihime pics and went back to the Hyatt


I stopped by the Sakura Taisen panel 'cause I promised Maya Okamoto I would. I made my entrance and when Maya first laid eyed on me, and I laid eyes on her, we glomped each other. ^^ Then a million photographers took our picture. *^^* The panel went very well. There was talk about Sakura Taisen 5 and the director's personal life. The songwriter sang a snippet of his song. I also ran into Moo and Ziggy. Ziggy was in his silverlicious DoA costume. I rarely attend panels, but this one was worth my time. ^_^v There were a few quotes worth noting about from the ST crew (see quotes page for details!). To end the panel, I took a picture with the ST crew and that was that.

Seeing how time flies fast, I went to Anime Idol to give Kate my support. Wonderful Utena live dub! *^^* Alyx and Moses were there, so joined them in the festivities. It was a very good show. Kate made it into the finals for the big BAAF round. I ran into a girl named Jenny who noticed I had bought several X dvds, and went Subaru fangirl over there. ^_^; I met Cpt. Biggles (finally) and chatted up with him.


We all then decided to go out to dinner to celebrate. Jenny and Estevan joined us. Albert caught me just in time for another photo op, and I caught him dressed as Ohgami. ( always get me when I'm trying to get food! *lol*) So Kate and company decide to head over to Benningans. It wasn't far down from the con center. We crammed everyone into her blug bug and got on the freeway. It was a goooooooooood dinner. What a break from cafeteria food. Most of the time we chatted about future careers and amateur careers. Evan was sweet to take a few pics of me as Orihime in the restaurant. 

After dinner, Jenny and I were dropped off back at the hotel. She had to go to the karaoke room, and I had to make it to the masquerade to see my friends' skits. I found a seat right by Moo (along with Kamineko-san). We were seated in the back, and the sound didn't get to us very well. It was the same old masquerade, pocky skits etc. I did like the X Weekend and Kakyou's, Troppy's Masquerade Cliche skit (despite the sound problem at the end), Bree's Domo-kun skit, and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. However, most of the time, Moo and I would be playing with Kamineko-san. 

I was quite dissapointed I missed out on Sora, Robert, Kristy, and Stephy's Slayers skit 'cause I wanted to see how the Filia Dragon turned out. So, I looked for them backstage and in the audience. I finally ran into them and apologized I came in a little late to see their skit. After the masquerade, I went around taking pictures. I did my traditional Saturday nite thing on the piano. There was this one girl who was playing pretty sweet. 

Afterwards, I went upstairs to the room for the partay. I went downstairs to check on Sora, and we had a talk about certain issues going on at the con. While we were trying to retrieve the Lina Inverse costume, the fire alarm went out. oy vey. We stuck around the party for a little bit. Julia stopped by for a little bit and I introduced her to some of the AVAs in there. I stuck around for a bit. I had a Mint Jula courtesy of the Dub This folks. 

I went back downstairs to check out the dance, but it was the same old rave, so I went back upstairs. Bill was on his way out of the room whistling a tune. Grumpy Old Man stepped out his room to tell him to shut up. Both of were like, "WTF is his problem?" We also find out that the same Grumpy Old Man whinned about the party and had it come to a close. I was quite angered by this because this incident really let my friends down. We then discussed about it at the table among other issues going on at the convention. Finally, half of them had to go because we couldn't have non registered people in our room. So Estevan, Jenny, and I went over to his place. We talked about voice acting while having a bit of cream soda vodka. (Yes, folks, I was sober...only had a little bit...Victoria doesn't like getting wasted at cons). We then said our goodnites. 

I ran into Kristy who was organizing the flyers out angst. I ran into Lionel and Albert, and we said our goodnights. I went back to the room and uploaded my digicam photos on my laptop and went to sleep.