invading the bathroom!

Friday morning started off with making sure Robert was going to get Joe from the airport. My morning started with a knock on the door. Joe! From Anime Central 2001 had made his return! I woke up and had some pop tarts for breakfast. Then I changed into my Karen (Sister Princess) outfit to start off the Karen fun filled day. Likewise, the bathroom would be full ( still needed to do my hair). Kristy helped on the braids, 'cause Victoria here is clueless when doing her own braids (can do braids on someone else, but not on herself). I let Stephy-Kaho borrow my Nativity uniform skirt for her KareKano cosplay. I also introduced the joy of Azumanga to some of my friends in the room. ^^

Then after, headed to the con itself. I ran into Albert who got a few shots of my Karen costume. I ran into Moo and Oscar. Moo had the cutest kamineko plushie! I ran into Sora in her suite. Looks like I woke her up. I wanted to talk to her since I didn't get a chance too when I arrived the previous night.

So my friends and I skiddaddle off to the dealer's room. The exhibit hall was held in the convention center. So we had to take the skyway to it. It was about a 20 minute walk. 0_0 Finally, arrived to the dealer's room and waited in line. Chatted with my friends for a bit. I was quite surprised, no one noticed my Karen costume. ^_^;; Guess Sister Princess isn't all that popular. Cheers in the dealer's room line were given to Sailor Bubba when he made his appearance. Dealer's room opens, and my friends and I ponder where the hell were we. It felt like being at AX. The place was bigger and better than last year!
I did some shopping for my SSU friends. Picked up a few kuroneko items for friends. I swear, kuroneko is the god of all things at SSU...I ran into Kristy (as Yuki) and Sora (she's finally in her Juri outfit!). Not checking on the time, I missed out on the Yoko Ishida concert. ;_;

Went back to the hotel area to check on the Para Para panel which Lauren, Su-chan, and Indira were running. I only stayed for a little bit just to say "hi" to the gals. They taught a few routines for the audience. Really spiffy turnout. After the panel, decided to find for a piano. I found Kim in the process. In the process of meeting Kim, we ran into these interviewers doing a video project.
After the panel, I decided to change into my most recognizeable character - Yomiko Readman. Sora and I did our dinner break at The Other Place. I ordered a quesidilla and she got her nacho fix. We talked about life and all that jazz. The piano guy was playing "Nowadays" and I couldn't help singing along. We talked about future con plans and the like. Sora didn't know what a quesidilla was, so I told her I'll make her one during AX.