Anime Central is my only out of state con. Originally, I wasn't supposed to attend this year 'cause I didn't know how college life would eat up my paychecks. However, I found a decent job to save up for this convention. I paid for my own airfare and hotel room this time around. I booked the tickets for American Airlines in March. In the early days of planning, Lauren and I were talking about having a ballroom type dance at ACen. The idea sorta fell through...^_^;

There wasn't going to be an AVA panel this year. More emphasis was placed on Para Para Paradise. (not that it was a bad thing!) Robert and I talked about wrecking havock at ACen with Para Para along with the Para Para queen herself, "Infamous Kat." Kristy, by the skim of her teeth, made it. We talked cosplay, so she would return her Kotori and I would go as Karen for a mini X cosplay.

Sister Princess Karen made her debut to this puppy, in honor of spending time with my sister princesses. Then I asked for a commission from Amethyst Angel for an Orihime Soletta. I wore her first at the Moonlight Shadow Masquerade SSU formal. I also returned The Paper and Pepper as well.

Thursday started off at fencing class. Jim-sensei would be headed off to Fanime in the next month. I would be headed to ACen in the next few hours. Angie and I dueled with the electrical equipment, and it was her game. -_-; After fencing class, went to the joy of PreCalc. I only stayed for half the class. ^_^;


Did some final rush packing and made sure I had every costume piece and necessary items with me. Dale and I went to get our paychecks. I mailed mine in. Dale had to cash his paycheck, so he went along with Paul and I after I was dropped off at Double Tree. I said my goodbyes and thankyous to Paul and Dale. At about 1: 30, the bus arrived. To SFO we go!

Made it at SFO around 2:45. The check in line for SFO was pretty long. There were these really hyper kids in front of me and a Mexican tour group behind me. I checked in my suitcase and headed for the gate. I read an interesting article about female characters in video games while waiting for boarding. Made me think about Yuna's new look...

On the flight, I watched The Rocketeer on my laptop. Maid in Manhattan didn't interest me too much. I had enough room since there was no one next to me to take a nap. It was nice later on in the flight because I got to see the solar eclipse. Landed on time at ORD, and tried to make it through the maze to get to the shuttle station. It was pretty humid trying to find it. ^^; I called Kristy to meet me up in the lobby.

I forgot how big ORD is! I swear I had to walk a mile to get to the shuttle area. Excited and wired, I called Kristy to meet me in the lobby. It was long ways to go to find out where the shuttle station was. I eventually found it after going through the humid terminal. Got the shuttle to the Hyatt and listened to my Initial D cd. I entered the Hyatt and then I heard voices shouting, "Vicky!" Yup, it was Stephy and Kristy and their company. I gave them all glomps of joy. So we head to room 2640 - our VIP suite. On the elevator, I ran into some people. They were like, "You're Nadeshiko!" I was semi-out of it to recognize them actually. ^_^;;; We head to the room, and I called bedsies on the two chairs. ^^

For a while, we chatted about life and stuffs. Kristy showed off her artwork for TEC. Robert, Bill, and Phil wanted to listen to X outakes. Stephy wanted to know the 411 between Dale and I. We decide to go out for some pop...I mean...erm...soda! We run into Sora, but turns out she's not in the best of moods. Strange paranormal events occurred in her room. We mainly spend the night talking, making ramen out of the coffee maker. Kristy and Robert wanted to wreck havock for the rest of the night. I went to sleep at about 2AM...