For a Tuesday, the Disneyland Resort drew in a huge crowd from the spring breakers. During our last visit to the park, we anticipated the release of Captain Eo: Tribute. It was not ready by Valentine's Day, but luckily, it opened later that month. One of the first things we did on this spring break excursion was to re-visit a part of childhood, Michael Jackson and the weirdness of the 1980s. Michael Jackson has always had a soft spot in my nostalgic memory. When I heard the news about his death the previous summer, I immediately remembered the time when Captain Eo scared the living daylights out of me. I was really hoping they would bring it back to Disneyland. As Jared mentioned, people hardly remember the Honey I Shrunk the Kids franchise. Having the late King of Pop take over the Magic Eye Theater would be better than the mice that inhabit the theater.

While there were plenty of naysayers on Mice Chat about the return of Captain Eo, I welcomed Michael Jackson's return. While the story is simplistic, I appreciated for what it was - a 17 minute music video done by the great visionaries of its time (Jackson, Lucas, Coppola, etc). There were times when I thought the 3D rendering looked really off and some of the theater movements to "We Are Here to Change the World" seemed odd, but for what it is, it's a fun ride back to the 80s. I was happy that people cheered when Michael first stepped on screen. Victory, indeed.

Jared and I hardly visit Toon Town because it seems out of the way and there's hardly any points of interest. Since it was a crowded day, we just wandered around.

Even Toon Town had a pretty big crowd for a Tueday.

Jared is on a boat! Donald's Boat to be exact...

It's always fun to challenge Jared to go inside Chip and Dale's treehouse. For those of you above the 60" height, you know what I'm talking about.

We passed by what was once known as Goofy's Bounce House. When Toon Town opened in the early 90s, I remember I was too tall for the bounce house. From the looks of it, Goofy's residence has been converted as a simple walk through type attraction akin to Minnie's House and Mickey's House. I think the height restriction (read: you have to be this tiny) still applies so as long as the kid is accompanied by an adult.

We decided to hit California Adventure . We took Disneyland Railroad to get to the Main Street station. We sat at the very front of the train, meaning we could see the engineers do their thing.

Jared is amused by Buzz Lightyear.

California Adventure did have crowds, but it was not as insane as the main park. California Screamin' had a half an hour wait, but because the ride loads so quickly and can take many passengers at a time, the wait does not feel so bad. We went around other California Adventure spots like Maliboomer (thought they were going to get rid of this?) and the Brother Bear Adventure Trail.

I thought these guys would be ready sometime in April! Ah well, guess we'll have to look forward to a late May opening.

Jared and I were wandering around the Brother Bear area of the park. Squirrels are amusing...

The wait for Soarin' Over California was pretty insane. I love Soarin', but not enough to wait 45 minutes for the attraction. We just took a few silly photos of Jared acting like a greaser across from Soarin'.

Both of us were in the mood for another 3D show. Justin and Kat had reccomeded that I check out Muppet Vision in 3D. I was not sure what to make of it at first. Yet, after hearing the attraction being mentioned on a few Disneyland specials, we decided to give it a whirl.

Navigating around Hollywood Pictures Backlot is still a pain with the trolly being constructed.

We were able to catch the next viewing of Muppet Vision 3D in less than 90 seconds. I really liked how the imagineers went all out on this show. It was cool having the grumpy old guys in the balcony trolling the show. The theater and waiting spaces were absolutely awesome. While I really cannot compare Muppet Vision 3D with Captain Eo, both shows hold their own pretty good. Now if only the Magic Eye Theater can get that star field back...

For dinner, we went to the usual place, French Market. After that, we visisted a few more attractions before we called it a night.

We visisted Pixie Hollow for the first time. I had no idea it was open at night, but it is a different experience. You get to see lots of glowing green light from the trees. The feeling is very akin to the former night time parade, Light Magic. It was nice to take a look around how they re-decorated Triton's Garden and not having to wait in a long line either.

After watching the fireworks and going around It's a Small World, Jared found a baby Buzz Lightyear plush. He will take it home and call him Steve.

Overall, it was still a nice day in the Disneyland Resort. It's just too bad that it was crowded on a Tueday due to the spring break crowd. We saw two spectacular 3D shows. Next visit, we plan to have more face character time and hopefully, there will be a few new attractions California Adventure. Maybe by then, the Rivers of America will open up again. I sure want to pilot that Mark Twain...

Quotes & Inside Jokes

"Can't talk about THAT right now. I'm at Disneyland."

"Max Reebo in his early days..."


"I'm on a boat!"

"I'm never going to that treehouse again..."

"Honey, we forgot the franchise."

"We hope you enjoyed your journey to 1986. Welcome back to 2010!"

"Captain Eo - the source that inspired Space Channel 5."

"I hope we don't run into a High School Musical parade!"

"I keep trying to swat that flying thing"

Final Attraction Count List

1. Monorail
2. Jedi Training Academy
3. Captain Eo
4. Star Tours
5. Jedi Training Academy
6. Celebrate
7. Matterhorn
8. Donald's Boat
9. Chip and Dale's Treehouse
10. Disneyland Railroad
11. Mission Tortillas
12. California Screamin'
13. Maliboomer
14. Brother Bear Trail
15. Muppet Vision in 3D
16. Haunted Mansion
17. Winnie the Pooh
18. Jungle Cruise
19. Pixie Hollow
20. Finding Nemo
21. Fireworks
22. It's a Small World

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