On February 14, 2010, Jared and I celebrated Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year in Disneyland. I'm not really one to "celebrate" Valentine's Day, but since we had annual passes, we thought about just making a day of it. There was not many noteable events relating to Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year in the parks. However, the title of this report pays hommage to 2010: The Year of the Tiger. Of all the times I visisted Disneyland, this had to be one of the most crowded days. Believe me, I've been to the parks on New Year's Eve and Fourth of July! However, we were still able to enjoy out 2/14 date.

It was a mess trying to get into the park. Once we got off the freeway and into the parking structure, it was bumper to bumper traffic. Luckily, we were going to be dropped off for the day. We were dropped off at the Grand Californian Hotel and made our way to the monorail in Downtown Disney. We decided to spend the afternoon in Tomorrowland.

Hm...let's hope they add Hoth to the new departures. I've always wanted to take down one of those annoying Wampa's.

Jared and I had our Valentine's Day lunch at the French Market. We were entertained by the Royal Bachelors. Jared was quite surprised to have something hearty in the park since we're all used to eating burgers and fries. French Market is one of my favorite restaurants because the meals really fill you up. One cannot go wrong with (virgin) mint juleps either!

Later in the afternoon, we went to California Adventure. The crowds in the main park were insane. I define crowding by the lack of tolerable wait times for attractions. Certainly, while everyone is camping early for the New Year's Eve and Fourth of July Fireworks, there are still plenty of things to do because not many people are in line. They're by the the castle waiting for the magic to happen.

We decided to make the most of it. We avoided Tower of Terror for it's terrifying 90 minute wait. However, Jared had yet to see Muppets in 3D and Monsters Inc. Muppets was closed for the day, so we went through Monsters Inc. We kept missing the final seating times for the Aladdin musical, but there's always a next time.

However, it was nice watching a bit of Drawn to the Magic. We thought our musical theater friend Justin would be suitable for this show.

We also met The Incredibles! Not exactly my favorite Pixar film, but it's always cool to take pictures with face and mascot characters.

Nothing like rest and relaxation at the Animation building. Air conditioning! It was cumbersome getting through Hollywood Pictures Backlot to Paradise Pier. There was construction in the center of the street for the new trolly. The walk can be rather claustrophobic!

Jared and I decided to get free food! Tortillas and bread! Yum! I found the hidden crabs, but have yet to see a Hidden Mickey.

Always a pretty sight - Paradise Pier at sunset. You can almost hear Ursula whisper, "Remember when the sun sets on the third day..."

And here's our token Valentine's Day photo of the two of us!

Well, Jared has always wanted to pilot an airplane.

I originally had hopes in seeing Captain Eo on Valentine's Day. It looks like the show wasn't ready for the public. I was very happy to see this portrait of Michael Jackson as Captain Eo in the exit of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln. Next report, I promise a full review of reliving the Captain Eo experience.

The most romantic ride in the park? It's not Peter Pan or the Haunted Mansion. Both of us agree that it's Space Mountain. We're weird like that.

Next time you're in Fantasyland, check out this popcorn vendor close to the Mattherhorn. The Mattherhorn Bobsled ride was closed, but we found out what the Yeti was doing as the thrill ride was going under renovation. Rumor has it, the Yeti takes breaks by shooting hoops in the Mattherhorn's basketball court.

I love how Tomorrowland lights up at night. Jared and I enjoyed the sounds of the 80z All Stars from the band stand while we were waiting in line for Finding Nemo.

Luckily, the two of us made reservations for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. We met up with the family for an amazing dinner to which we were stuffed by the end of the night.

This was a wonderful Valentine's Day and a great way to kick off the Lunar New Year. Legend has it that how you spend the first day of the Lunar New Year reflects the rest of your year. If that's the case, lots of love and good eating are just on the horizon!

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Final Attraction Count List

1. Monorail
2. Star Tours
3. Pearly Band
4. Jungle Cruise
5. Princess Tiana Mardi Gras
6. Pirates of the Caribbean
7. Royal Street Bachelors
8. Haunted Mansion
9. Drawn to the Magic
10. Monsters Inc
11. Free Bread
12. Free Tortilla Ride
13. California Screamin'
14. Toy Story Parade
15. Toy Story Soldiers
16. Disney Gallery
17. Great Moments with Abraham Lincoln
18. Disneyland Railroad
19. Space Mountain
20. Finding Nemo Subs
21. Celebration Parade
22. 80z All Starz
23. Storybookland
24. Haunted Mansion

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