2009 was the year to celebrate your birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth. Why? You could get in free on your birthday. One of my friends was turning 18 that year and we decided it would be nice to make it extra memorable by celebrating it a the Disneyland Resort. We left early in the morning so we can have a whole day to ourselves. It was just the three of us on a not-so-crowded weekday.

This was also the first time we checked out the new Sleeping Beauty's castle. I miss the dolls, but it was nice to have it back in one way, shape, or form. For a while, Fantasyland did not feel like Fantasyland without Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Because the park was hardly busy, it was easy to get on all the major attractions. We were able to cover 21 attractions in the course of the day.

This was also our first time seeing the newly re-done It's a Small World. There have been mixed feelings about Disney characters being added to the veteran attraction. Carolyn and I, being the Disneyland nerds, actually liked this change. The addition of Disney characters does not detract from Walt's original vision. Considering that a multitude of Disney characters are from around the world, it makes sense and it also makes a nice guessing game to see how many you can spot.

We liked the new residents at the It's a Small World castle. Not to mention, it was cute seeing the Disney characters in the same style as the Small World dolls.

And here's the country where Carolyn is from!

And fun with Stan and props!

While waiting for the Tiki Room to open up, the three of us enjoyed some fresh pineapple juice before going in.

Stan has a weakness for the sweets at Critter Country.

I do not see the resemblence between ewoks and Filipinos. The inside joke is that in Return of the Jedi, the ewoks start using Tagalog. Somehow, George Lucas thought this can pass off Tagalog as the native ewok language. Only Filipinos can get a laugh of what the ewoks are really talking about. Yet, I never really liked the ewoks, for reasons other than they speak my language. As an Imperial, I'm upset that their third world technology can outdo the Empire.

We found an unusual sighting at the park. We found baby ducks running around by the castle. Thankfully, a few cast members found them and took them to a safe habilitation area so that park guests won't scare and confuse the newborns.

We took our usual castle photo with the birthday girl in the middle.

And I took a few shots of myself at my favorite restaurant, The French Market.

Because Carolyn and I had annual passes, we went into California Adventure briefly to go grab her stack of birthday tortillas.

And more prop shenanigans with Stan


Happy Birthday to Carolyn! Thank you for suggesting this idea! Stan and I had a great time!


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