This was my third time doing Halloweentime at Disneyland. I will also have to say this was the most fun I have had. This even trumps the first time when we went Pokemon hunting at Disney's California Adventure. This time, I dressed up as Akiha Tohno from a dating game called Tsukihime. Jared dressed up as the main character, Shiki Tohno from the same series. Tickets were sold out for October 31, so we went to the October 30th event. We made arrangements to hang out with our friends Nikki and Caitlin.

Before DCA opened, a couple of friends and us decided to hang out at Downtown Disney to kill some time. Even the World of Disney was decked out in Halloween gear.

A few of us took part in the usual World of Disney shenanigans by posing with the merchindise. Jared thought the Sleeping Beauty plush could pass for Arcueid, another love interest from Tsukihime.

Before heading to DCA, our friends took a few cutesy couple-y pictures of the two of us. This was my favorite from the set.

Our first stop for the evening was the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. What annoyed me was that younger kids thought the ride had something to do with the Twilight series. Back when I was five, "twilight" was associated with a television series about the supernatural and the 5th dimension. Since Tsukihime took place in a mansion type of setting, Jared and I decided to take a few shots of our Halloween costumes here.

As always, we enjoyed the Tower of Terror's drops of randomness.

We went to Disney's World of Animation to see if we can try out hand at voice acting. Yet, none of that was open for the Halloween events. However, it was an excuse to get free candy. I was smart this year and just brought a purse with a zipper so we could still enjoy thrill rides at DCA. The Beauty and the Beast library was also a nice setting for Tsukihime related photos.

We ran into some familiar costumers at the park. One group was dressed up from the anime series, One Piece. They were very thrilled to find out we knew what they were from!

Jared and I went into the Blue Sky wine cellar to see what was up with future renovations for DCA. It was also a nice place to get a few more Akiha Tohno photos. After all, the character's family owns a mansion and has a basement where they lock up monsters.

We ran into our friends, Caitlin and Nikki. Caitlin was dressed up as Howl (Howl's Moving Castle) and Nikki was dressed up as Carmen San Diego. Needless to say, both girls recieved many a compliment from random people at the park.

The only downer during Halloween at DCA was the fact the free tortilla ride was not open. I always look forward visiting the tortilla factory at DCA because of free freakin' food! We all decided to go on Tower of Terror as a group a few times since there was hardly a wait for the popular attraction. We took a few photos of the main lobby in costume and took pictures of our drop down photo.

We briefly went our separate ways. Jared and I went on the Sun Wheel since it was the in character thing to do. At one point during Tsukihime, Akiha and Shiki go on an awkward date at a theme park. One of the scenarios involves Akiha and Shiki on a ferris wheel. The night was winding down. It was almost time to say goodbye to Halloweentime at DCA. We made room for one more attraction, Soarin' Over California.

Luckily for Caitlin, as we were heading out, we ran into a girl dressed up from Ponyo. I thought it would be cute to get Caitlin and the Ponyo girl together since they are both Studio Ghibli characters.

We began to part ways as everyone was making their way under the candy corn covered Golden Gate Bridge and back to the trams. It was truly great spending Halloween at DCA with Caitlin, Nikki, and Jared.

Suffice to say, this was one of the best Halloween celebrations I have been too. It was worth the $35 for free candy, dressing up in costume at the park, and enjoying popular attractions with not much of a wait. Unfortunately, in Tsukihime, there is no real happy ending for Shiki and Akiha, but there certainly was one for us. Until next year!

Final Attraction Count List

1. Tower of Terror
2. that whole animation studio thing
3. Blue Sky Cellar
4. California Screamin'
5. Halloween parade thingy
6. that Candy Corn dance area (whee! Shiki x Akiha dancing to "Forever"!)
7. Soarin' Over California
8. fireworks from the main park
9. Muholland Madness
10. the new ferris wheel
11. Toy Story Midway Mania
12. Tower of Terror
13. Tower of Terror

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