On December 31, 2009, Jared and I decided to celebrate New Year's Eve at the Disneyland Resort. Normally, I'm not used to leaving for the park in the afternoon. I typically leave my house so I can get to the park as soon as it opens. We left his place in the early afternoon. It was also our first time getting our annual passes. The park was crowded by the time we went that I was not quite sure if we would be able to hit all the popular attractions. However, with smart planning, we were still able to spend a good amount of time at the park. This was also our first time at the main Disneyland park.

We hit a few of the major attractions in Adventureland, New Orleans Square, etc. We were about to catch Tiana's Boat Show, but we had to meet up with Jared's family during the time it was showing. Jared and I went through the shops in Main Street. The family wanted to have dinner at Carnation Cafe. Unfortunately, there was a very long wait for the food; getting a table and even waiting for the meal to arrive took just as long.

Jared and I killed some time by going through the stores and exploring the odds and ends around Main Street. With the time it took for us to go grab a seat, we could have checked out the new Mr. Lincoln show. We just sauntered through the Main Street Emporium and checked out the overpriced souvenirs.

We finally had dinner at Carnation Cafe. While it was nice of the family to treat us to a New Year's Eve dinner, the food did not sit well for Jared and I. Right before Splash Mountain, we had to find the nearest bathroom. We ran into our friends, Mary and her fiancee. They invited us for Fantasmic, but the food incident prevented us from going. However, we made up for that by promising to spend time during the final countdown.

Jared and I spent lots of quality time together around the Magic Kingdom. We were able to see the new Princess and the Frog displays and stores around New Orleans Square.

We even stood in line for the Haunted Mansion. Tim Burton had his holiday timeshare in. It was the longest I have waited for the Haunted Mansion. Don't get me wrong, I love the ride, but I have been used to literally approaching the front of the steps (without a fast pass) to get in.

There was a very short wait for Splash Mountain. I guess people don't want to get wet during late December. It was only a short 10 minute wait to get on Splash Mountain.

It was about time to ring in the New Year at Disney's California Adventure. DCA is not as crazy as the main park. The Sleeping Beauty's castle area gets really hectic. I think one year, we nearly trampled on infants. Main Street was nicely lit up, but sadly, we wented to spend New Year's where it was less chaotic. I suggested to Mary that we should meet at the Tortilla Factory.

We still had time to kill before the countdown. Mary, Tom, Jared, and I went on the Tower of Terror.

We went to the Sunshine Plaza was 104.3 myFM had their New Year's Eve party. They played the better music at the park. How can you go wrong with ringing in the New Year's to Lady Gaga's "Just Dance?" It was the best ever. The countdown began and all of us were excited to ring in the new decade.

The four of us were fortunate to be celebrating New Year's Eve with the right people - our friends and those we love. Once the countdown was over, Jared kissed me as the fireworks went off in the sky. Tom and Mary had to be on their way home to beat the traffic. Jared and I still had energy to check out a few more rides and grab a snack. Suffice to say, this was the best New Year's countdown that I have ever experienced.

Many thanks to Jared, Jared's family, Tom, and Mary for making this evening wonderful!

Quotes & Inside Jokes

"Let's go to Pooh!"

"But we already went to the bathroom!"


Final Attraction Count

1. Disney Gallery
2. Jungle Cruise
3. Tiki Room
4. Star Tours
5. Flag Retreat
6. Christmas Parade
7. Pirates of the Caribbean
8. Haunted Mansion
9. Splash Mountain
10. Winnie the Pooh
11. Storybookland
12. Small World Hub Club
13. Tomorrowland bandstand
14. Star Tours
15. Fireworks
16. Snow White
17. Casey Jr.
18. Big Thunder Mountain
19. River Bandits
20. Indiana Jones
21. Sleeping Beauty
22. Free Tortilla Ride
23. Power 106 @ Hollywood
24. Disney Animation
25. Tower of Terror
26. myFM @ Sunshine Plaza
27. New Year's Eve Fireworks
28. Soarin' Over California

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