Note: Many thanks to Claudine and Huy for the photos.

The typical tradition for my old San Francisco crew to do is to spend New Year's Eve at Disneyland. It was an idea concieved by Claudine. I wasn't really feeling up to it (holiday drain), but since I had an annual pass and I wanted to be a good host (since I was housing Bay Area friends over the holidays), we went to the park. However, I did find it funny that Huy had to borrow one of my button up blouses, so I let him borrow the girliest one I had in my closet.

One of the highlights about this trip was that it took place during the Year of a Million Dreams. When we boarded the double decker street car, we were "dreamed" by cast members. The three of us recieved exclusive Year of a Million Dreams lanyards.

And then the trio went to the castle to take a group photo. Ignore the sun for it blinds my eyes.

We decided to wear our lanyards in solidarity for the remainder of the day. We went around the park doing the usual round of Disneyland attractions.

Huy and Claudine wanted to see how far they can go on the rope on Tarzan's Treehouse.

We went on Mark Twain. I thought about piloting the Mark Twain, but I was not really feeling up for it. Maybe another time.

We also went on Splash Mountain. Claudine ran into someone from St. Mary's College. It's A Small World after all, right? Huy also lost his Dr. House style hat on Splash Mountain.

However, it was not the only thing that was lost. By the time we went to California Adventure, I realized I had lost my camera. If it was any way to ruin a trip to the Magic Kingdom, the camera I had bought in January went was lost. Even by the end of the night, Lost and Found had not retrieved it. Hence why most of the photos found here are either from Huy or Claudine.

I tried to keep positive through the rest of the night. There was a club set up at the Hollywood Pictures Backlot. I thought about dancing my troubles away, but Claudine was not the clubbing type. We rang in the New Year at the Hollywood Pictures Backlot at the Power 106 FM party.

The interesting and scary part of the trip was that it was a very foggy night. It reminded me of the video game, Silent Hill. I was waiting for zombies to attack at anytime. I will say that going on California Screamin' through the fog is scarier than doing it in the daylight.

After we rung in the New Year, we decided to go on more rides at California Adventure. I think the last thing we did at California Adventure was Tower of Terror.

Huy did his Ocelot impersonation on the Tower of Terror photo. The fog was still thick at 1:30AM.

We decided it would be best to wait it out for a little bit at the Mickey and Friends parking lot. Even still, the fog was not going to go away anytime soon. We had no choice but to drive back to the South Bay. It was a pretty scary drive, so I had to stay awake being an extra pair of eyes for the driver.

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