I'll keep this report short and to the point. Suffice to say, I really did not feel like going to the Disneyland Resort during Halloween Time. I was too drained from school and other factors affecting my mental sanity told me it was best to stay at home. Likewise, I had nothing better to do on Halloween and a friend had already bought tickets for Halloween Time on October 31. Huy and I spent the first part of the day in the park doing usual park shenanigans. I learned my lesson the hard way not to wear boots at the Magic Kingdom.

However, it was cool seeing the main park being decked out for the Fall.

Yay! Face characters!

Yay! The Tarzan Treehouse!

By this time, Tim Burton had his timeshare open on the Haunted Mansion, so the Nightmare Before Christmas characters made their way to the haunted plantation house in New Orleans Square.

We met up with our friend Patrick for funnel cake times at the Hungry Bear restaurant.

Aside from Haunted Mansion Holiday, the other new things at the park included a float for Bolt in the parade and Pixie Hollow.

Meanwhile, I was still working on my water bending before I would get dressed up in my Halloween costume. My water bending skills were still made of fail. Aww.

We got dressed up in our Avatar: The Last Airbender costumes. Huy was dressed up as Sokka from the third season in which the character goes through intense training to become a warrior. I made the costume.

The waterfalls by the Disneyland Hotel were nice places to get pictures during the daytime while it was still light outside.

Right before California Adventure opened up, we met up with a few friends for dinner at Catal's.

The Halloween events started. I honestly forgot what we did and where we went. At this point, my feet were still too tired to move around. All I could remember was the vast amounts of candy corn.

And waterbending!

And seeing a cow and one of those green army men from Toy Story dance to "The Way I Are."

For those of you who watch Avatar: The Last Airbender, Huy found a cactus plant to pose with to pay hommage to the cactus juice episode.

We also found some Kingdom Hearts characters.

With more face characters!

The very next day, we went to Goofy's Kitchen. While it was pricey, it was worth it to do it once. I still have a vendetta against Baloo for not stopping by for a photos.

We also visited the main park for a little bit. All I can remember was getting soaked on Splash Mountain. I don't remember that mountain having more water...

Patrick also showed Huy and I the old pet cemetary at the Haunted Mansion.

Hey look! More face characters!

We ended the day by taking the monorail back to the parking lot. The Tomorrowland station had a nice view of the lagoon and the subs.

Lesson learned? Don't ever do Disneyland if you're feeling out of it. Normally, the park doesn't drain me that fast, but for the first time, I felt really exhausted that I could not wait to get home.


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