August 8, 2008 (8/8/8) is considered a lucky day in Asian culture. Thankfully, it was my birthday. Not to mention, according to the Lunar calendar, it was also Year of the Rat. According to my Chinese friend, Angela, she said I was in luck for 2008. I hardly went to Disneyland in 2008, aside from New Year's Eve 2007 rolling into 2008. For my birthday, my family gave me a premium annual pass. I decided to celebrate my birthday with a few friends at the Happiest Place on Earth.

My friends tend to fall into the category of Star Wars geeks. As you can see, Huy is hugging a set of Star Wars toys after we went on Star Tours. Marketing at its best. Take a tour of the galaxy and then you want to buy the toys...

...or torment a few ewoks.

And as video game nerds, we went to that huge ball in the middle of Tomorrowland (I never really understood its purpose) and played real life Katamari Damancy with it.

For lunch, we ate at the Tomorrowland restaurant which gave us good seats for the Jedi Training Academy. We joked that our short friend, Deb, would be able to meet the maximum height requirement for Jedi Training Academy.

And yay for shooting games!

Because it was a hot day, we grabbed pineapple flavored drinks for the Enchanted Tiki Room.

While we were in Adventureland, we saw a temporary feature of an Indiana Jones type background. Get your photo op's while you still can!

Carolyn, being the Indy fangirl, wanted to check out the Indiana Jones store in Adventureland. Since this was around the time of the 4th Indiana Jones installment, they had a few new Indy related merchindise. Stan started being silly and fooled around with snakes and other artifacts.

And Huy kept attempting to make knots with the cherry while waiting in line for Indiana Jones.

Can you spot Mrs. Potts and Chip in Adventureland?

Group photo at my favorite photo spot in New Orleans Square!

Meanwhile in Critter Country...

We decided to stop by Big Thunder Ranch and visit the cows.

In Fantasyland, we proceeded to go on what I thought was the scariest ride in Disneyland back when I was 4 (was scared I might fall off the horse because I was tiny!), Sleeping Beauty's Carousel.



Storybookland is always a nice place to visit.

Huy found his Disney doppelganger, The Mad Hatter. Too bad there are hardly any Mulan sightings in the park.

And I always like taking castle shots whenever I visit the park. Here's my birthday shot!

For dinner, we had food at my favorite eatery in the park, The French Market. Stan knew how important it was to me to have birthday cake, so he bought me chocolate cake for my birthday. Overall, August 8 was a good day with friends. Many thanks to Carolyn, Stan, Deb, Allison, and Huy for coming along.

However, we only did the main park on August 8. Since I had an annual pass, I returned the next day to grab my free stack of tortilla's. The Hollywood Pictures lot had a Wall-E display. As I said with Indiana Jones, get your photo op while it's hot! You would be scared too if you found out you were permanently placed on the Axiom.

I don't usually do Tower of Terror during the day time, but it was the better time to get photos of the hotel lobby.

Huy and I went to the World of Animation to really explore what was there. The highlight of it was doing the voice over for the character in Bambi - South Park Woodland Critters style!

I finally grabbed my stack of tortilla's and was ready to call it a day!

Quotes & Inside Jokes

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Final Attraction Count (Disneyland)

1. Toy Story Military People
2. Some Main Street Car Named Desire
3. Star Tours
4. Matterhorn
5. Jedi Training Academy
6. Space Mountain
7. Buzz Light Year Astro Blasters
8. Enchanted Tiki Room
9. Jungle Cruise
10. Tarzan
11. Indiana Jones
12. Winne the Pooh
13. Haunted Mansion
14. Pirates
15. Bit Thunder Mountain
16. Big Thunder Ranch
17. Pinocchio
18. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
19. Merlin's Show
20. Sleeping Beauty's Carousel
21. Storybookland
22. Alice's Bizarre Adventures
23. Roger Rabbit
24. Garbage Man Band
25. Disneyland Railroad
26. Main Street Band
27. Haunted Mansion
28. Jungle Cruise
29. Star Tours
30. Tomorrowland Bandstand
31. Ariel's Grotto
32. Carnation Swing Stuff
33. Finding Nemo

Final Attraction Count (DCA)

1. Green Army Men
2. Tower of Terror
3. Animation Studio
4. High School Musical parade
5. Free Tortilla Ride
6. Free Bread Ride
7. Toy Story Midway Mania
8. California Screamin'
9. California Screamin'
10. Beehive
11. Muholland Drive
12. High School Musica parade (again)
13. Golden Zephhrs
14. Soarin' Over California

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