The original plan was to go with my family, but since I told them I would have several friends , they decided to delay it for another day. Justin introduced me to Anneke, who is also a Doll Joint nutcase. It was an Unofficial Harry Potter Day and it was Official Raver Day. Suffice to say, that the ravers were very rude and unplesant. Otherwise, I went on the Nemo subs and pirate island. Woke up at 6AM. Arrived in Anaheim at 7:50AM. I realized the damages that coffee can do to the system. I did not have any Harry Potter garb to wear, neither was I feeling up to it. I lent Justin my Ravenclaw gear. Justin thought I was some New York socialite at first.

First, we stopped by Finding Nemo. The attraction had just opened the weekend before. Luckily, we had friends in line already. We met up with Matt, Anneke, and Julie. While the wait took more than an hour, it was great being with good company. utenakun ran over to get us fast passes for Space Mountain. I thought it was an overall cute attraction, it is what it is. I spotted some old relics from the original submarine ride.

Just to give an idea who was who at Harry Potter Day, Justin reprsented Ravenclaw, Anneke represented Hufflepuff, while Julie and I just dressed up casually.

It was also Raver Day too, but not many of the park guests were too fond of the Raver behavior. For example, there were a horde of ravers at the Haunted Mansion. Anneke, Julie, and I started smell pot smoke on the ride.

However, Anneke did not want to leave Julie and I out of Harry Potter Day, so she gave us Death Eater marks for our own use.

And this rat tried to steal a Ravenclaw tie.

Looks like someone forgot to change the sign! When we arrived at the park, Pirate Island opened. Pirate Island took the place of Tom Sawyer Island. Personally, I miss the old Tom Sawyer Island, but in this day in age, the younger generation's favorite past time is no longer cowboys and indians. Enter the pirates and ninjas.

Hey look! It's Queenie!

A week prior to going to Disneyland, there was a world wide blog event in which you were supposed to blog as if there was a zombie outbreak. I wrote about a post-apocolyptic Disneyland during the zombie outbreak and how my friends and I would use that as our base of operations (in before Zombieland). Yet, we were not safe from the zombies and the humans who wanted to start the New World Order.

We went on the Jungle Cruise and had the most monotonous guy as our guide.

Hey look! Ariel's Grotto is drained!

Some time during the afternoon, there was the Harry Potter fan meet and greet in front of the castle. One of my friends joked that we looked like a Mormon gathering with our button up shirts and ties. There was also another meet and greet at the Carnation Plaza.

After the gathering, we went to Pirate Island. Justin proceeded to do his Captain Morgan impersonation.

Hey look! Captain Jack's Lair!

For the most part, the bridges and other fun stuff associated with Tom Sawyer's Island is still there.

Overall, Pirate Island was not bad. I do not know how long the pirate hype will last. I am not sure if today's young generation is even aware about the Tom Saywer mythos and relevance to American popular culture and literature. It is still the same fun place to explore around and just to relax away from the busy park.

We went to the Disney Gallery. We had a nice view of a battle going on in Pirate Island from where we were standing.

Thankfully, Andrew (my brother who worked in outdoor vending) gave Justin and I free park hopper tickets for the Disneyland Resort. We went to California Adventure.

Yay! Monsters Inc! Did you know that the character designer is a Filipino? I met him in my undergraduate days at San Francisco State. Boo is officially Filipino.

Free tortilla's! Best attraction at DCA!

Time for funny poses on Tower of Terror.

At the time of visiting the park, I was really into a Dreamcast game known as Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. One of the characters, Dio, has a very unusual pose. How far can you bend your back?

Shenanigans on Tower of Terror!

If you look carefully at the book spines, you can see that they are named after episodes of The Twilight Zone.

Julie and Justin wanted to have dinner outside of the park. We rested up at her apartment. We went to the Mimi's Cafe off of Euclid for dinner.

We returned to the park after about a few hours of relaxing. I checked out the new diorama's at the Main Street Emporium.

Snakes on a Train!

Overall, it was a plesant day trip to Disneyland. I have to thank Justin, Julie, Matt, and Anneke for making this trip memorable. If there ever is a Harry Potter Day, I'll have my Ravenclaw and / or Beauxbatons gear on. However, the most unusual part of the trip was watching the Tomorrowland band while waiting for Finding Nemo. I don't think I ever heard "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" ever at Disneyland. Then again, I remember my (gay) uncles were dancing to Janet Jackson's "Pleasure Principle" at Videoapolis back in the 80s.

By the end of the day, I chit chatted with a park guest who was on Finding Nemo. She took her daughter (dressed up as Snow White) to the park. I hope one day, I can dress up my future kid and take her to Disneyland.

Quotes & Inside Jokes

"I kept hearing 'Oh Julie, Oh Julie!...Well, it is a Saturday night. I'm not surprised." - Julie

"I kept hearing obsecenities..." - Matt

"Vic should cosplay as Matsumoto" - Matt
"But Tiffany's boobs reign supreme." - Vic

"Did a skunk crawl up the attic and die?" - Vic

"How you do you like me now, bitch?" - Vic

"Have you met the Boston strangler?" - Vic

"Let's go on Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride."

"And here we have Jack Sparrow's mom."

"ooh...colt 45...shiny..."

"I can translate what they're saying!' - Anneke


Final Attraction Count

1. Finding Nemo
2. Jedi Training Academy
3. Space Mountain
4. Laughing Stock
5. Winnie the Pooh
6. Haunted Mansion
7. Indiana Jones
8. Jungle Cruise
9. Ariel's Grotto
10. Harry Potter Gathering
11. Pearly Band
12. Pirates
13. Mardis Gras at New Orleans Square
14. Pirate Island
15. Disney Gallery
16. Pirate Battle
17. Parade of Dreams
18. Monsters Inc
19. Free Tortilla Ride
20. Mariachi People
21. Tower of Terror
22. Tower of Terror
23. Indiana Jones
24. Fantasmic
25. Disneyland Railroad
26. Tomorrowland Bandstand
27. Finding Nemo

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