On October 31, 2007, I took the day off work to celebrate Halloween at the Disneyland resort with a friend of mine. I semi-dressed up in the main park as Momo Hinamori from Bleach. The park was not as crowded since it was a weekday. Kat, my friend, and I were able to go on Space Mountain three times in a row without waiting forever in line.

I don't recall much of the October 31st trip to Disneyland, but I do remember Kat having a thinf for our Jungle Cruise guide. So, I took a picture of him to torment her about it.

It was time to head into Disney's California Adventure for the Halloween time fun. Kat wanted to go on the rides and take advantage of the short wait. We were able to do Tower of Terror and California Screamin' several times in one night.

The nice thing about going to California Adventure during Halloween is that we ran into some friends that we did not expect to be there.

Unfortunately, drama happened between friends, so went our separate ways and just did our own thing.

However, it was still cool to have something fun and local to do on Halloween. When I lived in the Bay Area, we would usually meet up at the Winchester Mystery House. Despite the drama, I think I found something to do every year on October 31st. Hope to visit California Adventure again on Halloween!

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