On October 5, 2007, Huy and I had to fight the 91 Eastbound traffic. It was made of horror! It got better once we passed the 605. We came in just in time for dinner. Ate at the usual place, Catal's. It's not a Disney weekend without a stop to Catal's.

We were able to get in DCA earlier than expected. Yet, the "lands" didn't officially open until 7:30PM. Pirates were the most popular costumes present. Huy and I made a run for Tower of Terror after raiding Candy Corn World. Saw the High School Musical kids en route. Tower of Terror was great in the night! Some girl recognized me from Pokemon. Yay!

Then Huy and I decided to catch more pocket monsters at Monsters Inc. I had my sights set on a Steve Buscemi. It's a legendary, so I hear.

Finally, Huy and I went to Soarin' Over CA. Everytime we hit DCA, it's always a 45 minute wait. There was virtually no wait. I've heard nothing but good things about this attraction and I loved it. Huy kept quoting Transformers, and I kept quoting Jojo's Bizarre Adventures. Then, CA Soarin' turned into GTA when we wanted to shoot everything. 1,000,000 points for the hang glinder.

CA WRY, as it's now called (mainly 'cause Huy and I start shouting out JoJo's Bizarre Adventures attacks) also had no wait whatsoever. We had to go on CA WRY twice.

Then we on the scariest attraction, at least in Huy's mind. CA Sunwheel or whatever it's called. "We're heading straight into AX!" Then to Osama's Beehive, as Huy and I like to call it.

Then Death Proof (aka Muholland Drive). I still find that scarier that CA WRY. Then it was to that zephyr attraction. Then we headed to Pirate's Wharf. I should also mentioned it was gay day at the Disneyland Resort. Yeah, pirates and Fisherman's Wharf...why am I not surprised? It felt more like a Ren Faire than anything else.

Then we went to the Eterna Forest (or the Viridian Forest, as Huy calls it) for that one Bug's Life train attraction. Some kid had a scary costume that I had to turn away. There was a chibi-fied Harry Potter that was cute!

So, to wind down the night we had one more round at CA WRY. Then en route to Tower of Terror, we ran into some Halloween parade.

No free tortillas or bread at Mickey's Halloween Treat though.

Quotes & Inside Jokes

"Shoot the golfer. Get 1000 points!"

"Hey Vic! It's Starscreams!"

"Hey Vic, it's a Blackout!"
"Shutup, Huy..."

"Great...it's like Jet Blue airlines..."

"Why does the guy have a Jersey accent?"
"Hey! I thought I saw him on Seinfeld!"

"We are in the Eterna Forest."
"More like the Viridian forest!"

"And I see Team Rocket has brought an accomplice..."
"I'm from Diamond and Pearl..."

"Are you Dawn?!"

"*Vic impersonating Bill Cosby*"

(Vic on her phone)
"Diana, I'm going in."
"Who are you talking to Vic?"

"We need to summon Diana..."

(Huy looking at a blonde chick's chest)
"Not Tiffany."

"Pirates have over taken the ninjas."




"It's that girl from Pokemon!"

"Too many footballs!"

"Catch the Mickey!"

"Gotta catch 'em all, gotta catch 'em all, POKEMON!"

"Stop eating the Buneary, Huy."

"Giovanni and Dawn...that's a really bad doujin..."

"What about Brock and Croagunk?"

"I'm cosplaying as a ten year old girl and I'm having a pina colada?"

"You should have brought the bike, Vic!"
"Like hell am I gonna bike in a skirt..."

"Vic, stop running. I can tell they're cotton-y blue."
"Shut up, Huy."

Final Attraction Count

1. Tower of Terror
2. Candy Corn World
3. High School Musical parade
4. Monsters Inc
5. Soarin' Over CA
6. California Screamin'
7. California Screamin'
8. Sun Wheel
9. Orange beehive thing
10. Muholland Madness
11. Pirate's Wharf
12. Bug's Life fatty fat fatty
13. CAlifornia Screamin'
14. Tower of Terror
15. Halloween parade

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