Since my mother's work can get a discount on a one day park hopper for the Disneyland Resort, my theme park genius buddy, Justin and I decided to spend a spring day at the park. The day was full of twist and turns. For the most part, we were just winging it. We ran into a few of our friends, including Julie (aka Sadako on Mice Chat). It was my first time meeting Julie and it was also nice to meet a fellow Disneyland park enthusiast like me.

Ah, yes... the old exterior of the Disney Gallery when it was in New Orleans Square before it became the Dream Suite.

My question is was it the cat that killed the birds or did the birds kill the cat?

Far off in the distance is what remains of the old Tom Saywer's Island before it would be converted to Pirate Island. I have no idea what pirates have to do with the old frontier because I thought the Tom Sawyer was an hommage to an American classic, still relevant in today's modern culture (after all, most high schoolers read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn). I'm fine with one grand epic pirates attraction, but it seems like pieces of the old frontier are slowly being colonized by new century pop culture.

We met Julie around the time we went to Star Tours. We were going back and forth whether or not George Lucas makes a cameo at the very end of the attraction. I still believe it's him. At least it gives me an excuse to yell at him for the Star Wars prequels.

The three of us headed off to California Adventure. The day started to become a little bit overcast. I usually like to take a group shot with the Sunwheel in the background by the waterfront.

Hey Look! A mariachi band!

Justin and Julie introduced me to the "Free Tortilla Ride" sponsored by Mission. I was unaware of its existance until the two pointed it out. I have been going to California Adventure since 2004 and it took me three years to figure this one out. D'oh!

We went back to the main park with our margaritas in one hand.

I forgot what the context of this picture was, but I'll still post it here since Justin is being funny.

And here's a photo with us and one of Julie's friends from Mice Chat. I believe this was the first time I have heard about the Mice Chat forums. When I got home, I signed up for an account (Scarlet Rhapsody).

The trio decided to go on It's a Small World. According to Justin, people have had demons exorcized out of them after going on a trip around the world. Justin started singing his own version of "It's a Small World After All." Julie was facepalming during the course of the ride and fearing the singing souless dolls.

Meanwhile, I had to point out the section where my country is represented - somewhere in between mermaids and the pacfic islands. What the hell, Disneyland?

We did our round of Fantasyland dark rides. It was also nice to do Alice in Wonderland during dusk.

And when you see it...

The three of us decided to hit Space Mountain. While killing time in line, Justin made funny faces and I took pictures of them. Julie and I were deciding on a pose for the final photo. In the end, we started Vogue-ing.

As per tradition, Justin likes to have his fortune told at the Penny Arcade at the end of his trip to the Magic Kingdom.

Trip #35 was rather interesting. I have never been to Disneyland with people who knew the theme park inside and out such as me. I typically go with family and school friends who go for the sake of going. I'm usually the one point out all the trivia. I suppose I blame it on years of watching Wonderful World of Disney, Walt Disney World Inside Out (Team Scott!), The Disneyland Story, Dateline Disneyland, and reading Yesterland like it's the latest Harry Potter book.

Quotes & Inside Jokes

"Ooh...Colt 45..."

"Narutard, much?"

"I only bat my eyes at them and have Tom distract people!"

"It IS George Lucas. Huy believes me!"

"Hey Jen! I see a castle on wheels."

"Great, I'm back at Sonoma. OY!"

"Huy, the terrorists have taken over this ride playing their terrorist music."

"Not an enchilda band!"


"There's a girl in that well that's after me!"

"Now you be a good boy Pinitcyhio..."

"We're so gonna get you drunk in Vegas!"
"But I love my brain cells."

"Disney characters should never be this hot. Look at her, she's hot. She's really hot."

"He IS wearing green!"

"This car is death proof."

"I should mention I have a fear of driving."


"I'll get you for this Lupin!"
"But I'm Fujiko..."

"Trust me, I know what I'm doing."

"No one sleep in Tokyo!"
"Hey, it's like Initial D."

"Rock concert movement number one..."

"This ride made me wet."
"I have some stuff in my mouth."

"There's something I always do on this ride that disturbs everyone else, but for whatever reason, doesn't disturb Julie."

"Great, I look like I'm Vogue-ing."
"You look so gay."

"Are those really trees?"

Final Attraction Count

1. Ariel's Grotto
2. Jungle Cruise
3. Pirates of the Carribean
4. Haunted Mansion
5. Disney Gallery
6. Mardi Gras
7. Some main street band.
8. Star Tours
9. Trash people
10. Parade of Dreams
11. CA Screamin'
12. Enchilda music
13. Block party
14. Free tortilla ride
15. Snow White's wishing well
16. Snow White
17. Pinochio
18. Parade of Dreams
19. Small World
20. Alice in Wonderland
21. Mr. Toad
22. Roger Rabbit
23. David Bowie impersonation band at Tomorrowland
24. Matterhorn
25. Space Mountain
26. Disneyland Railroad
27. Big Thunder Mountain.

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