This was the first time I spent New Year's Eve at the Disneyland Resort. Normally, I spend New Year's Eve with family so we can make it to the rose parade the next day, but this time around, I decided to change plans and finally ring in the New Year with Mickey and Friends. Because I was so out of the the following day, I do not remember much from the visit, but I shall do my best to recount my first New Year's Eve in the Magic Kingdom.

I purchased my tickets directly from Disneyland's website. Parking in 2006 only cost about $10. Not only this was my first New Year's Eve in the park, it was also my first time experiencing Disneyland during the holiday season.

The park was relatively busy. It was no surprise since December 31 is one of the busiest days of them all. We were still able to manange a few attractions.

Huy got stuck to the ball again! It happens.

My favorite game on It's a Small World - Spot the Pinay. I bet she has some shoes in her gift bag.

The main park was relatively crowded that there was a long line for almost anything. We decided to go to the Disney's California Adventure to see if we can do more things in a day. The park hopper ticket saved us from waiting in long lines.

At California Adventure, we went to see the Aladdin musical. I have heard nothing but positive things about the show. It exceeded my expectations. I was expecting something really corny and cheesy meant for the kiddies, but this was an E-ticket musical extravaganza.

We also checked out the animation studio area to pass the time.

Surprisingly enough, there hardly was a line for Tower of Terror. What is wrong with your face?

Tower of Terror was one of the few attractions that had a tolerable wait time. After that, we loafed around California Adventure.

Umm...who's bright idea was it to go on Grizzly River Rapids? Not mine.

The sun was setting. It looked like time to go back into the main park so we can make it for the new year's celebration right by Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Hey Look! A Christmas tree right by the Bay Area part of California Adventure. Well, at the time of the photo, I did move from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

I miss you, Golden Gate Bridge. Yet, I do not miss your overpriced $5 toll.

We still had time to kill before the final countdown. We hit a few attractions here and there.

Spot the Admiral Ackbar and the Internet meme.

This was also my first time on Haunted Mansion Holiday. I don't care much for Nightmare Before Christmas, but it was a nice temporary addition to the Haunted Mansion legacy. I still prefer the original.

And here's Huy's favorite Disney animated feature. He likes them Alices.

I love the way Space Mountain lights up at night!

We literally had to trudge through heavy crowds to get to Carnation Plaza to ring in 2007. I was quite surprised that lots of mothers brought their infant children to this event without having them in a safe place like a stroller. I swore we nearly tramped on two infants. Here's a tip to vacationing moms - Do NOT bring your infant babies to New Year's Eve at the park. They're not going to remember it and if you can afford the ticket, you can afford a babysitter.

Otherwise, it was cool watching the Disney princesses and various Disney characters count down to 2007 while we were situated at the less crowded Carnation Plaza. The band played "Auld Lange Syne" and celebrating New Year's Eve at the park was well worth it.

Quotes & Inside Jokes

"Maps? I know this place like the back of my hand."
"That's NOT the back of your hand!"

"It felt like really great sex"



Final Attraction Count

1. Mark Twain
2. Jack Sparrow and Pirates street shot in New Orleans Square
3. Jungle Cruise
4. Ariel's Grotoo
5. Small World Holiday
6. Disney Animation Studios
7. Aladdin
8. Tower of Terrorr
9. Monsters Inc
10. Grizzly River Rapids
11. California Screamin'
12. Indiana Jones.
13. Small World New Year's Eve Dance Party
14. Star Tours
15. Pirates of the Caribbean
16. Haunted Mansion
17. Fantasmic
18. Big Thunder Mountain
19. Big Thunder Ranch
20. Fireworks
21. Tea Cups
22. Autopia
23. Tomorrowland 80s people dance thingy in which more booty was shook.
24. Space Mountain
25. Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters
26. New Year's Celebration at Carnation Plaza

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