SportsCenter: Yuri On Ice

Can you feel my heart—LET’S SEE THAT AGAIN!

Our straight AF copy editor recalls his days of training for the ice escapades in the mountains of Lake Arrowhead. This panel will talk about the basics of ice skating and what judges are looking for in short and free programs. We will take a look at various short and free programs featured in the popular anime series and make ESPN style commentary on the show about boys who love boys on ice as hosted by gents that love sports (and don’t care who knows).

This panel was conceived after watching several episodes of Yuri On Ice and our copy editor pausing after every skating program talking about what went right, what went wrong, and arguing with the judges scores.

Bonus: Cosplay prints of the most spot on Makkachin you’ll ever see. Appearances not guaranteed.

Convention Appearances: N/A

Presentation Requirements: HDMI, microphones, projector, sound

Estimated Audience: Medium