Scarlet Explains it All


  1. Sailor Moon Crystal: The Fandom Menace
  2. Cosplay Can Be Thrifty, Time is Not
  3. Headless Governor’s Golden Age Cosplay Nudes Found in Sewage
  4. Moon Prism Power…Where’s the Make Up?
  5. Presenting Original Designs in Competitions
  6. Constructive Critique on “Heroes of Cosplay
  7. Top 10 Things I’d Like to See in Sailor Moon Crystal
  8. You’re Not Special: Conventions and Entitlement Culture
  9. Nerd versus Nerd: Why Do We Bully When We’ve Been There Before?
  10. You Give the Fourth Estate a Bad Name
  11. Re: Anime is not getting worse…
  12. Moon Prism Girl Power!
  13. After the Cons of Summer Have Gone
  14. Slippery Tropes
  15. Peaches ‘n Cream
  16. Keeping it Classy on the West Side: Lowering the Bar
  17. A Surreal State of Mind: Crisis in the Commonwealth
  18. What’s After  Cosplay=/= Consent:  An open dialogue with convention organizers
  19. Missing in Action
  21. Human Rights, Fandom, and Slacktivism
  22. Secret Lovers: You Say He’s Just a Friend
  23. Behind the Threads 
  24. Commentary on the Fake Geek Girl Menace of 2012
  25. Best Practices in Running a Press Department: A Comic Con Parable
  26. Now With More Hidden Mickeys
  27. Support the Anime Industry, Buy a Plushie
  28. A Girl Walks into a Game Stop
  29. Facebook Executes Order 66 
  30. Bright Side of the Moon
  31. Women Believe this Meme Sucks 
  32. Sailor Moon Cosplay 101 
  33. The Cosplay Police: Who Asked You? 
  34. Don’t Feed the Trolls: When Zealots Attack
  35. Fujoshi Funk: Distinguishing Bishies and Bears 
  36. A Cosplayer’s Perspective on Emotionally Abusive Relationships
  37. The Cosplay Community: Flashback 2012
  38. Found Item Cosplay: Doing it Right (in Style!) 
  39. Bring Back Jem!

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