Let’s save your troubles for another day. Come go with me we’ve got it made. Let me take you on an escapade. Let’s go! ” – Janet Jackson

As the snow falls gently onto the pavement of the corporate parking lot, I couldn’t help but chortle at “Frozen Fun.” Try digging your car out of that heap! As a child, I recall many a splendid memory at the happiest place on earth. I was living in SoCal for a good amount of my formative years (and locals never dared called it “Cali!”) and Disneyland was always a huge part of it. It was with me when relatives from overseas visited. It was with me during grad nite. It was with me when I visited LA during the summer while I studied in the Bay Area. It was with me when my life partner and I had annual passes to alleviate our grad school stress.

The Disney magic has never left. This section details trip reports and write ups on attractions that were new at the time (or leaving permanently). I invite you to take in the nostalgia and the memories of my childhood, Disneyland.

2017 – Present: Tactical Espionage Operations

2013 – 2016: Bizarre Adventures


2009 – 2013: 


2008 – 2004: 


Earlier – 2004:

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