Con Reports FAQ


Q: What’s up with the song titles and themed reports?

I feel that each convention experience, regardless of what convention or year it is, is a totally unique experience from the previous year or convention. I like to give convention reports a different personality that I see fit. In the early 2000s, it was commonplace for web designers to use lyrics and poetry embedded into their collective style websites. I started using classic rock themes in my early blogs (2000-2002). I intend to keep this tradition to stick true to my roots. Many of our visitors (and press department heads) have always appreciated their convention being associated with lyrics from Wicked or Rent.

Q: Who decides the theme?

It’s typically Victoria (that’s me). It’s whatever I feel like evokes the best emotions and feelings that fit best with the convention. If it was a happenin’ party, expect Madonna, Lady Gaga, etc.

Q: Are you a cosplay photos site?

Yes and No. Though cosplay is a part of the anime conventions scene and we do take cosplayer photos, we do not consider ourselves cosplay photographers, but rather convention journalists.

Q: Hey! I see a photo of me. Can I keep it?

So as long as it is a photo of yourself, you can post it to your social network site of choice. Just give credit where it is due.

Q: What software do you use to generate reports?

We use Microsoft Photodraw because we find it to be much more user friendly and idiot proof than Photoshop. For website generation, we use Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 as our What You See Is What You Get editor and ftp service. Recently, we have been using Picasa and Adobe to create image galleries and watermarks. This is all edited on a PC.

Q: What’s the point of the quotes page in each of the reports?

When Traveling was a budding convention blog site back in the early 2000s, it was common place to post quotes on convention reports and to record stupid and silly things said during a convention. Because part of the fun of conventions include shenanigans and inside jokes. Everyone has them. The quotes page is kept here for that very tradition.

Q: What happened to Traveling Valentine?

The site used to be “Traveling” back in 2000 to 2005 when we were an independent fan website. Victoria partnered with Huy “K Valentine” Ton-that to create “Traveling Valentine,” an amalgam of both names. The name used to be a cosplay duo name. In 2005, it became the name of the reporting group for convention reports until early 2008. We are no longer affiliated with “Traveling Valentine” due to Huy’s sociopathic behavior. We kindly wish not to be associated with Traveling Valentine no longer.

Q: And what happened to all of the convention music videos?

A few of them are floating around on YouTube. Since this was part of the Traveling Valentine era (2003-2008), these videos may be hard to come by as the (old) Traveling Valentine YouTube site is no longer operational. However, if there is a demand for it, we can post the old convention music videos if need be.

Q: Will you ever make convention music videos again?

It is not a priority at the moment. Anime music videos and reviewing anime is part of our audio visual team’s main projects right now. Until then, it is up in the air.

Q: I see a typo. Can I report it to you?

If it is anything glaring, you can shoot us an email. Jared typically proofreads through all of the reports before the reports go live. However, in the words of Doug “Nostalgia Critic” Walker, don’t be a Douchy McNitpick about it.

Q: I want to get into this con for free. Can you help me?

No. Press access is a privillage, not a right. Only those who have worked for Scarlet Rhapsody can have press access. If you want to get into a convention for free, you can volunteer for them for a few hours. Anime conventions are always in need of volunteers and staff members. It’s a great way to meet people!

Q: Can I help you guys out sometime?

Maybe. Yet, this is determined on a case by case basis. Application for Scarlet Rhapsody is closed.

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